Sam Moss – Neighbors EP

When I reviewed guitarist Sam Moss’s Eight Constructions for Delusions of Adequacy a little more than a year ago, I made a point to address his keen application of restraint to what could have otherwise been a piece of gratuitous showmanship.  When virtuosity becomes a heedless exercise, what was once a spellbinding demonstration of unthinkable … [Read more...]

William Elliott Whitmore – Field Songs

"Some good it bad, some got it worse. Some just can't let go no matter how it hurts. But no one, no one can say, that we didn't do it the hard way." William Elliott Whitmore's fifth release may be a "stark representation of rural life" (according to his own website), but these themes run through people's lives everywhere. Yes, for the most part … [Read more...]

Sam Moss – Eight Constructions

Berklee student and erstwhile Connecticut resident Sam Moss has been spinning out prolific levels of virtuosic instrumentals – 5 solo recordings in less than 3 years – since 2008. With the philosophy of a jazz musician and the technical mastery of John Fahey, Moss is as fine a candidate as anyone for becoming the steel-string acoustic guitar’s 21st … [Read more...]

William Elliott Whitmore – Animals in the Dark

I have tons of respect for William Elliott Whitmore. Over the course of three releases for Southern Records he poured his heart and soul into a crop of songs (mostly) about the loss of both parents. He has toured with everyone from the Pogues and Murder by Death to Clutch and Ten Grand. In some of those situations it has to be intimidating to be … [Read more...]