Beach House – Bloom

The impending release of Beach House’s Bloom LP has all the trappings of a hype-saturated media frenzy.  An upstart duo from the not-so-halcyon environs of Baltimore records two albums of tentative dream pop that immediately wins over critics but fails to draw much of a mainstream audience.  In 2010, the band’s vision and creative zeal is finally … [Read more...]

MT6 – Baltimore Compilation

This compilation of largely Baltimore artists gives you a glimpse into the diversity and creativity present in Charm City's music scene. Whatever your underground musical predilections -- almost -- you'll find something here to interest you. It would be tedious to describe all of the tracks here, so here are some of the highlights: * Abiku -- … [Read more...]

The Oranges Band – Are Invisible

Baltimore's The Oranges Band has about a decade of music-making to boast of. There have been highs and lows, but the band keeps going all the same. Seems like Oranges Band is the perennial bridesmaid: garnering coveted opening slots, pretty well known around its home base, but never breaking into the rarefied stratum of, say, Spoon or some other … [Read more...]