The Cinnamon Band – All Dressed EP

Unsurprisingly, the years since the duo of The Cinnamon Band played in the avant-garde Union of a Man and a Woman have mellowed these musicians. On the All Dressed EP, these two sound like they've been listening to Springsteen. It's a departure from the radical, exacting style of that previous band but, hey, they were only in high school back … [Read more...]

PJ Harvey & John Parish – A Woman A Man Walked By

Polly Jean Harvey and John Parish collaborate for a second time after their debut album Dance Hall at Louse Point, delivering an album that hews closely to PJ Harvey’s lineage.  On A Woman A Man Walked By it sounds as if Polly Jean plucked specific song styles from each of her past PJ Harvey albums, arranging them to sound like her band and less … [Read more...]

Interview with Rykarda Parasol

Hello Rykarda!  You’re fresh off playing an acoustic gig at SXSW and your starkly captivating, self-described “rock noir” sophomore album For Blood and Wine was released this past October.  How was SXSW?  Did you get a chance to catch other artists’ performances? Hello Jen! I did see many bands at SXSW. My favorite was Imaad Wasif from LA. I … [Read more...]