Suede – Bloodsports

Hunky-dory Bloodsports heralds the welcome return of British band Suede after an over-10-year absence from the music scene.  Who would have thought that a band that made its name during the heady years of the 1990s, when Britpop ruled the U.K. and indie U.S. airwaves, would make a comeback in 2013? Who would have thought that, after all these … [Read more...]

Interview with Dangerous Muse

Hi Mike!  I’m so psyched ‘n’ enthused to be interviewing you regarding your electronic rock project Dangerous Muse.  It’s been a super-busy time for you since the release of Red this past November, the 1st of 3 EPs which will be compiled into your debut album.  What’s the vibe like for you now?  It's great to see how people are reacting to the … [Read more...]

Sarah Cracknell – Lipslide reissue

This past autumn saw the re-release of Saint Etienne chanteuse Sarah Cracknell’s 1997 solo album Lipslide in a 2-disc format.  The first CD contains the remastered (and reordered) tracks from the original album, while the second CD adds on various demos and previously unreleased material.  Sarah’s solo work is very much in line with Saint Etienne’s … [Read more...]

Interview with Pete Wiggs of Saint Etienne

  Hello Pete!  I’m absolutely delighted to have this opportunity to ask you a few questions about your spectacularly poptastic recent album Music and Words by Saint Etienne that has been out on Heavenly since May.  It’s a concept album and the ultimate fan love letter to pop music, where you hit the highlights of the soundtrack of our … [Read more...]

Short Takes on 2 Albums and 1 EP

The Phoenix Foundation – Buffalo Memphis Industries Records The Phoenix Foundation (not to be confused with French band Phoenix) has released Buffalo (album cover-wise not to be confused with the Heartless Bastards’ recent artwork), a breezy, but hit-or-miss potluck of retro, refined, … [Read more...]

Interview with French of Annie Automatic

Hiya French! How is everything going? Your debut album Don’t Look Down is scheduled for an August 23rd release. What are your musical, and/or other, plans in the meantime? Hi! Yes, August 23rd release, we're extremely excited. Other than waiting patiently, we're rehearsing like crazy for upcoming shows! Always fun. I'm also working on a … [Read more...]

Sarah Nixey – Brave Tin Soldiers

Sarah Nixey made a name for herself in the late 1990s and 2000s as the lead singer of U.K. band Black Box Recorder, alongside Luke Haines (of The Auteurs) and John Moore (of Jesus And Mary Chain).  In 2007 Sarah released her debut solo album, Sing, Memory, an alluring collection of dance pop and icy torch ballads graced by Sarah’s distanced and … [Read more...]

Paul Dempsey – Everything is True

You've heard Everything is True before. You don't recognize the name, I know, but you probably bought this album back circa 2001, along with a handful of others like it. Paul Dempsey does reflectively emotional singer-songwriter material armed with an acoustic guitar and a swell of baroque instruments to fill up the space. For all of its fangless … [Read more...]

Cass McCombs – WIT’S END

If you've been following Cass McCombs for awhile, you know that his albums have slowly become less loud, less showy, more intimate, and more refined. Though PREfection and Dropping the Writ both were finely executed and enjoyable albums in their own right, his last album Catacombs felt like a triumph in artistry, the sound of a musician stripping … [Read more...]

Client – Command

Client is fronted by Client B (Sarah Blackwood of Dubstar fame) and Client A (Kate Holmes of Frazier Chorus) and the two mean business, producing electro-pop numbers that alternate between dark, grimy dancefloor beats and starkly forlorn ballads with archly dispassionate, British-accented, crisply-delivered vocals. On their fourth studio album, … [Read more...]