Interview with Fred Schneider

For a man who claims to have no skills Fred Schneider has done a lot in over 30 years of rock and roll. Best known for The B-52s, he's also released two solo albums, performed with the likes of Sleater Kinney and RuPaul, hosted his own show on Sirius Radio and done voice work in movies and cartoons. Recently he's working with The Superions, a duo … [Read more...]

The Superions – s/t EP

Fred Schneider of The B-52’s fame is ba-a-ack, along with Noah Brodie and Dan Marshall, and they’re packing enough ham ‘n’ cheese sandwiches and a heaping helping o’ corn to satisfy even the most ravenous at the disco-pop picnic party.  This EP includes three original songs “Those Sexy Saucer Gals”, “Who Threw That Ham at Me”, and the oddly … [Read more...]

Fred Schneider of The B-52’s now in The Superions

The Superions are the most exciting group to hit the music scene since Elvis or Lady GaGa (or Susan Boyle for that matter). Fred Schneider (of The B-52’s), Noah Brodie and Dan Marshall were just somewhat normal guys when their bodies, minds, and souls were taken over by alien beings from the planet Superion. Now real talented, they perpetrated … [Read more...]