Hungry Kids of Hungary – “Twin Cities”

"Twin Cities" is the follow up single to "Sharp Shooter" from Brisbane lads Hungry Kids of Hungary's latest album offering, and it delivers yet another indie-pop track that will no doubt be rife amongst Triple J’s air waves for the next few months. Lyrically, it’s fairly light, noting the protagonist’s waking up after a big night and remembering … [Read more...]

Heirs – Fowl

As one who is not particularly keen on instrumental songs let alone albums, always feeling I am being short changed without vocals and only being given a partial track, I have to say Melbourne sound painters Heirs has me reassessing that flaw on my part. The Australians not only paint pictures with their music but create images, memories and worlds … [Read more...]

Cut Copy – Zonoscope

Music critics of this day and age are given to a fair amount of whining about how oversaturated the marketplace is (or perhaps, the iTunes store) with bands that tout a dance angle when promoting their respective aesthetics.  True enough, there’s a bevy of acts in operation today who have taken a page from the playbook of The Killers and Franz … [Read more...]

Sophie Hutchings – Becalmed

Appearances, as we all know, can sometimes be deceiving.  Take for instance, Becalmed, a collection of piano-based instrumentals from Syndey, Australia’s Sophie Hutchings.  Heralded as a musician who excels at songwriting that ranges from meditative to epic, one might expect the sort of ambient listening experience that dips into Eno-esque … [Read more...]

Artists-On-Albums: AOA #16 (Ambrose Nock on Sandpit’s On Second Thought)

Ambrose Nock (Apricot Rail) on… Sandpit – On Second Thought (Fellaheen, 1998) Putting a record on that you haven’t listened to in a while can be like catching up with an old friend again. Part of you is excited at the prospect of revisiting a missed sense of familiarity, and feeling the same emotions you did all those years ago whilst … [Read more...]

Interview with Grand Atlantic’s Phil Usher

Following the success of his band’s latest album, How We Survive, the Australian frontman sat down for a few questions with DOA. Aside from commenting on the success of that aforementioned album, we discussed the writing process and Usher reminded us that The Beatles are still, very much relevant. Delusions of Adequacy: The songs on the album … [Read more...]

Artists-On-Artists: Justin Buckley of Tarcutta on the Art of the Guitar Solo

It seems to be an unavoidable conclusion that the rock guitar solo is officially extinct. It’s been nearly 20 years, I’m guessing, since most of the songs you heard on the radio featured one. How did this staple of music disappear after 20 years dominating various genres? And how, in an age of 80’s revivalism, can men wear spandex, women wear … [Read more...]

Australia’s Karnivool release album in U.S.

Hard-Art-Rock from down under comin up to the U.S.... KARNIVOOL tour in March 2010 w/ Fair To Midland, signed to Serj Tankian's Serjical Strike label. KARNIVOOL are ecstatic to announce their spring co-headlining tour of the U.S. with Fair To Midland beginning in March of 2010. This will be the Australian quintet’s first full jaunt across the … [Read more...]

My Majestic Star releases new album

Hidden Shoal Recordings releases the new album I Haven’t Got It In Me by Perth-based post-shoegaze outfit My Majestic Star. On third album I Haven’t Got It In Me, My Majestic Star continue to showcase their exceptional command of atmosphere and tension. The album sees My Majestic Star merge weightless daydream pop with droning shoegaze and even … [Read more...]

Australian band The Church release 3 offerings

The church continue a prolific output on their own Unorthodox label through MGM, with three simultaneous releases. The band will release a 4 track EP featuring “Operetta” from the critically acclaimed album “Untitled #23” including 45 minutes of extra material from the “Untitled #23” sessions, one of the tracks “Particles Matter”, a 34 minute … [Read more...]