Chris Abrahams – Memory Night


To fully appreciate Memory Night wait till it gets dark and find a field to lie in, get up on the roof of a derelict factory or sneak into a deserted theatre, plug your iPod into the PA and sit in the back row as the auditorium fills with the four dark unworldly soundscapes on Chris Abrahams’ third solo release on Room40. Abrahams has long … [Read more...]

Mwahaha – Mwahaha

Mwahaha - Mwahaha

So they’ve got a name that sounds silly or sinister depending how you say it. They’ve played at Warp Records’ SXSW showcase and collaborated with Tuneyards’ Merril Garbus on their debut album produced by Eli Crews (Deerhoof, WHY?). As an experimental avant-garde band, Mwahaha’s credentials are tight and this release on Plug Research is an expanded … [Read more...]

New Music Spotlight #2

All India Radio - Red Shadow Landing

All India Radio – Red Shadow Landing  Martin Kennedy, the creative, Australian maestro/spaceman behind long-running project All India Radio, touched down with Red Shadow Landing in October.  Martin is joined by Mark Wendt on bass, Kaz Seiger on keyboards, and Michael Evans-Barker on drums and percussion.  Like its predecessors, this album is a … [Read more...]

Sigur Rós – Valtari Global Listening Party

Sigur Rós - Valtari

On the night of Thursday, May 17th, at 7pm to be precise, Icelandic wonder-band Sigur Rós hosted a Global Listening Party for upcoming 6th studio album Valtari, which was streamed in full at the appointed hour across all time zones.  Since I always seem to be late to the party, I joined in the festivities with the airing of the 2nd song and without … [Read more...]

The Twilight Sad – “Another Bed” video


This rather macabre video stars musician Stuart Warwick and was directed by Craig Murray.  Stuart takes on the role of a clerk in a video store (Remember what that is?) as the viewer follows him during his mundane daily grind and his disturbing after-hours activities, while laying bare the anomie at the heart of this solitary character.  In a store … [Read more...]

Short Takes on 1 Album and 2 EPs

Tycho - Dive

Tycho – Dive Ghostly International Dive was released on Ghostly International this past autumn and it’s the second album from Tycho, AKA Scott Hansen, a San Francisco-based graphic designer (with some assist on guitar and bass from Zac Brown, Matt McCord, and Dusty Brown).  After a teeth-grinding, eye-rolling day … [Read more...]

Q&A with Inca Gold


Hi guys! I’m thoroughly enjoying your first two EPs, Inca Gold I and Inca Gold II, which are part of a series of three EPs. Who’s in the band and what instruments do you play? How did you all meet up? We are Ezequiel Claverie (Vocals/Guitars/Keyboards), Ben Chatwin (Guitars/Keyboards), Alex Lewis (Drums) & Chris Howarth (Bass). Alex: We … [Read more...]

Kramies – The European EP

Kramies - The European EP

Burgeoning lo-fi bedroom music projects are about as ubiquitous these days as the Kardashians – seemingly omnipresent whether you’re trolling Twitter, Wikipedia, or some hipster blog on Tumblr.  Kim and Chloe are a little bit more outlandish and erratic in their public lives than are the likes of Youth Lagoon of Memory Tapes though, and those … [Read more...]

Q&A with Paul Waclawsky of The Boxing Lesson


Hello Paul! How are you doing? I’m excited to find out more about you after catching your fantastic video for the slow-burning stunner “Muerta”, which I reviewed here at DOA. I’ve also had the chance to listen to the whole Muerta EP, which you released in the beginning of August on New Fortune Records. When did you first start up the band and have … [Read more...]

Interview with The Twilight Sad

Photo Credit: Nic Shonfeld, Brighton Marina

Hello James and Andy! It’s so wonderful to catch up with you between tours and before the release of your new album, No One Can Ever Know, in February 2012.  I would think that you can relax for a bit now, but based on your tweets, it sounds like you’re staying busy!  What is this about filming an acoustic session?  Have you been gathering footage … [Read more...]