Mark McGuire – Living With Yourself

You hear the innocent little boy speaking over the pristine chord, both seemingly free of distortions. As time passes, the chords start to take definite direction and subthemes develop beneath the surface.  After awhile effects are applied, differentiating a personal style. These effects produce ripples which send out energy, suggesting connection … [Read more...]

Mark McGuire – A Pocket Full of Rain

As one third of Cleveland psych-droners Emeralds, guitarist Mark McGuire could lay claim to being a prolific artist, as they’ve released dozens of CD-Rs, LPs, and cassettes in just over four years. However, on top of that output, he also has a solo discography that’s more than 20 releases long, all limited-run and on tiny labels or self-released. … [Read more...]

Apricot Rail – s/t

Typically lacking in lyrics and yet weighted down with an incomparable sense of melodrama, the post-rock subgenre has often been maligned when compared with other musical styles. Yet without any obvious storytelling potential, it manages to be among the most cathartic delivery methods available, preferring to convey its maudlin themes in a … [Read more...]

The Mercury Program – Chez Viking

It’s great when a band you’ve loved but not heard from in years seems to reappear out of thin air. The Mercury Program, laying low for six years or so, re-enter the instrumental rock stratosphere with Chez Viking, an economical and forceful statement of their best qualities. It shows them not only keeping up with the savvy of 2002’s superb A Data … [Read more...]

These Hands Could Separate the Sky – Save Yourself

Lots of bands have taken on the mantle of the "big sound." You know, the music whose leader board consists of Explosions in the Sky and Godspeed, maybe Isis and Pelican. It's usually done as instrumental but will have occasional vocal intrusions. It's full of quiet, subtle passages followed by loud guitar rock. Some do it better than others. It's … [Read more...]