Virginia Plane – s/t EP

It was three years ago that we last heard from Mary O. Harrison, the Georgia-based singer/songwriter who has recently recast herself as the driving force behind folk-pop outfit Virginia Plane.  Her one and only solo effort, Factory of Days (2008), was a fairly candid record – though imbued with occasional chamber pop flourishes, it dutifully stuck … [Read more...]

Washed Out – Within and Without

If you attempt to parse together chillwave’s patchwork history, it was probably born about 30 years ago but then laid dormant until 2009 when three artists named Chaz Bundick, Alan Palomo, and Ernest Greene began to make waves in the blogging community with their smeary bedroom synth-pop. The summer of 2010 was the newly christened style’s moment … [Read more...]

Manchester Orchestra – Simple Math

Let’s be frank – indie rock very rarely does any kind of actual rocking.  Any band I can think of who has ridden that tag to some semblance of mainstream notoriety (Arcade Fire, Death Cab for Cutie, The Decemberists, The Shins) might have a bevy of guitars at their disposal, but that doesn’t mean any of them are trying to channel the Led Zeppelin … [Read more...]

Kno – Death Is Silent

Better  known for his production work with down south indie Hip-Hop group Cunninlynguists, Death Is Silent is Kno's debut release, not just entirely produced by himself but also featuring his rhymes. For those who don't know, Kno has been at the forefront of making Cunninlynguists indie Hip-Hop royalty, a group that has evolved from its early but … [Read more...]

Q & A with Derrick of Legend Has It

Atlanta rock band Legend Has It builds on their foundation, continues blending genres, and records new material for release. DOA asks them the hardest questions yet: the ones they were already asking themselves. Then they confirm the rumor:  It's true they are in the running to open for Coolio on New Years Eve. In August LHI recorded scratch … [Read more...]

Silent Kids – Dinosaurs Turn into Birds

Silent Kids: offering a kind bridge between Atlanta and Athens. The first thing you'll notice about the band and their third release, Dinosaurs Turn into Birds, aside from what I'd wager is a Pavement-inspired name, is a notable Elephant 6 influence, particularly from psychedelic pop purveyors Apples in Stereo and Elf Power. Silent Kids traffic … [Read more...]