Q&A with Tunabunny

Hi Brigette, Mary Jane, Scott, and Jesse!  Congrats on your 3rd and latest album, Genius Fatigue, which is out on Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records.  I heard you’ve got a U.K tour coming up ASAP.  How is that looking and what are the essentials that you’ll be packing for this trip? Toothbrushes n undies. Also, a camping towel, umbrella and the … [Read more...]

Of Montreal – Paralytic Stalks

Taking in any Of Montreal record requires a certain degree of endurance and stamina on the part of the listener.  Sure, more people would probably opt for a listening session of Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? over Dream Theater’s Images and Words, but Kevin Barnes’ technicolor potpourri of lascivious glam-pop and spastic psychedelia is still … [Read more...]

Folklore – Home Church Road

Not being the sort of guy who immediately warms up to the sometimes convoluted and frequently ludicrous narratives of post-hardcore outfit Coheed and Cambria, I was a little tentative in approaching the post-apocalyptic storyline that accompanies Folklore’s third record, Home Church Road.  Concept albums and obsessively detailed imagery in music … [Read more...]

Venice is Sinking will release Okay EP/”Maxisingle” Sept. 22nd

Venice is Sinking released their second album AZAR in March, after a three year layoff.  The Athens, GA quintet vowed never again to let that much time pass between releases.  As recovering Anglophiles who used to comb Tower Records' import sections for UK Cure singles, the concept of the "maxisingle"-esque EP appealed to them.  They decided to … [Read more...]

Deaf Judges – All Rise

Bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase “in your face,” All Rise is an angry, lashing album, full of intelligent artful prose and bursting at the seams with energy. Deaf Judges, hailing from Athens, Georgia, is a hip-hop group composed of three gnarly MCs and a DJ, all who seem to live by the life mantra “Do It, Or Punch It In The Face.” If Deaf … [Read more...]