Dom – Sun Bronzed Greek Gods EP

The four members of Dom use only their first names to help dodge past debts, but don’t let their scruffy looks and slacker attitudes fool you into thinking they play ragged garage-rock. In fact this quartet from Worcester, Massachusetts burst onto the scene with a homespun blend of 80's synth-rock and hazy dream-pop with a dash of sassy surf-punk … [Read more...]

Revolver – Music for a While

Certified Gold in France, and already major players in their native country, the time couldn’t be more perfect for Revolver to jump overseas. Brimming with a sensible approach to pop music – understated, subtle and almost, dainty – the trio’s debut, Music for a While, conjures up many of the ghosts in pop’s infamous line-up. Whether they’re … [Read more...]

The Chemical Brothers – Further

If you can take what The Chemical Brothers had done with their immense catalog and appropriately justify their significance, you don’t need to look any further than their first two masterpieces, Exit Planet Dust and Dig Your Own Hole. With those two albums, alone, they were the trailblazers for what would become the Big Beat genre and they … [Read more...]

FAO#22: Kraftwerk – 12345678 The Catalogue (reissues)

Although retrospective eyes regularly fall upon Kraftwerk for the group’s profound impact upon the music world as we now know it, we should not neglect re-examining the actual recorded body of work produced by the Düsseldorf pioneers.  Sure, we can forever play a spot-the-Kraftwerk-influence game when analysing the good, bad and plain ugly of … [Read more...]