She’s Hit – Pleasure

I was reading the Wikipedia biography of Hasil Adkins last week, and if you've never heard of the man who was one of West Virginia's greatest cowpunk exponents, there are good and bad news items to digest. The bad news is that Hasil Adkins died in 2005. The good news is that, while bands like She's Hit are producing psyched up … [Read more...]

Kat Vipers – Longplay

First track "Vindicate" lurches out of the speakers, a stridently angular bassline interweaved with discordant piano and harshly clipped guitar chords. Over this, the voice of Kat Vipers - simultaneously dark and teasing, half smiling amidst the vortex of instrumentation that surrounds her, and every bit as gifted a musician as a singer. With so … [Read more...]