NI – Dedoda

It isn't a word that finds a lot of use in music reviews nowadays, but if ever a band deserved be the described as 'angular', then that band is undoubtedly Austrian post-rock instrumentalists NI. Comprised of three guitarists and a drummer, NI formed around a decade ago and are continuing to pursue their artistic vision, one which takes a direct … [Read more...]

von Konow – “Cosmic”

Von Konow, the Finnish art-rock project of Marko von Konow, is slated to release its debut album, Lieder, on January 13, 2017.  The project has dropped its first single, “Cosmic”, with an accompanying music video, in mid-October. Marko von Konow (vocals, keyboards, programming), who is a classically-trained musician and visualist, created and … [Read more...]

These New Puritans – Field of Reeds

In the modern world, These New Puritans are a bunch of pale, skinny, serious 20-somethings championed by NME and groomed by Dior, but it's probable that they exist in another dimension altogether, free of pop culture excess. Initially, it would have been easy to dismiss TNP as merely another hype band who, by the skin of their teeth, clenched the … [Read more...]

Grizzly Bear – Shields

The beautiful aspect of a band like Grizzly Bear’s music is their utter quality of musicianship and how equally balanced it all truly is. Back at the Austin City Limits Festival in 2009 they were at the eye of their supporting tour for the massively successful Veckatimest. After a thirty minute session of torrential downpour the sheets lifted up … [Read more...]

David Byrne and St. Vincent – Love this Giant

Back when Talking Heads were taking the world by storm, David Byrne and co. ensured that their music was taken as a whole: respective albums that one could embrace and fall in love with. A few twenty years later, St. Vincent’s Annie Clark shares in the same joy and was famously dubbed an art rock musician, just like Byrne always was and is. … [Read more...]

Q&A with Second Head

Hey there Emma and Wim – It’s really cool to have the chance to touch base with you both and find out more about your band.  Your latest EP Children of the Revulsion (Love the wordplay!) is out now and it seems to be heading in a more laid-back, thematically cohesive direction than your previous EP Gift Horse and debut album Disease comes in … [Read more...]

Todd Is New Each Moment – A Thousand Nights EP

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the four years I’ve been working for this webzine, it’s that every burgeoning artist should get the benefit of the doubt.  To make a lucrative, successful career in musical performance was a frustratingly volatile pursuit well before file sharing and streaming media changed the game, but even though the Internet … [Read more...]

Happy People- HP-EP

This Jersey Duo are remarkably familiar but difficult to place all the same. They use space, reverb, and tempo to come off very chillwave, but they don't actually feel mellow; "No One Does Any Good" is actually a very tense sounding song, sounding more Sonic Youth than Neon Indian. Their sound is jangly and ethereal, which will make you rack your … [Read more...]

Gang Gang Dance – Eye Contact

With pop music – at least that of the radio friendly unit shifter variety – three devices are undeniably ubiquitous: earworm melodies, lyrical inclusion, and conventional song format.  Think about it - if your song has a good hook, a direct and universal message, and a strategically placed chorus, it’s a fair bet that people will at least give you … [Read more...]

Here We Go Magic – The January EP

Sometimes the birth of new music is so fortuitous that there seems to be a small batch of high quality music still missing. The follow-up, or counterpart if you will, to last year’s critically-acclaimed Pigeons, The January EP is definitely the makings of a progressing, still evolving and growing band. Although there are remnants left in the subtle … [Read more...]