Yann Tiersen – Infinity

If there's one thing that will explain to the uninitiated who Yann Tiersen is, it's that he is the musician who provided the soundtrack for the 2001 French film Amelie one of the most internationally popular French films of the Millennial and which enticed many hipster film goers into their nearest multiplexes by way of Audrey Tatou's sassy urchin … [Read more...]

Malcolm Middleton – Human Don’t Be Angry

As one half of Arab Strap, Malcolm Middleton, along with its other prominent member Aidan Moffat, produced songs which which while they occasionally defied description, went a long way towards reinvigorating and redefining the voice of modern Scots performers and songwriters. A new kind of experimental folk music if you like, voices and … [Read more...]

Fuzzy Lights – Helm EP

Although Fuzzy Lights’ 2008 debut LP, A Distant Voice, was certainly an impressive introduction, its somewhat austere and inconclusive character didn’t welcome as many return visits as it first seemed open to.  However, this newly-cut 4-track EP does feel like a far more engaging and welcoming creature, even if it comes with the disclaimer of being … [Read more...]

Malcolm Middleton – “Carry Me”

Malcolm Middleton, Scottish bloke, heart warmer and the other half of the now defunct Arab Strap. If you've heard anything off of his 2007 album "A Brighter Beat", then you instantly know what you're in for. "Carry Me" comes from Middleton's sixth and most current release titled "Waxing Gibbous". There aren't a lot of artists out there that can … [Read more...]

At Swim Two Birds – Before You Left

It’s somewhat of a double-edged sword for anyone brave enough to be romantically entangled with Roger Quigley (who trades solo as At Swim Two Birds and also under a band umbrella as one of The Montgolfier Brothers).  On the one hand, a Quigley relationship is pre-destined to end in an emotional cataclysm, to be deconstructed in painful detail just … [Read more...]

Aidan Moffat & The Best-Ofs – How to Get to Heaven From Scotland

Since ending Arab Strap in 2006, Scotland’s favorite morose and sex-obsessed singer has stayed busy with a number of projects. Last year saw the release of a spoken-word album, and he’s been recording with Mogwai’s Stuart Braithwaite in Aloha, Hawaii. He’s even written for the rock-focused magazine The Quietus, focusing on sex, of course. Well … [Read more...]