Scott & Charlene’s Wedding hit UK and European roads for June, July & August

In support to the release of Scott & Charlene’s Wedding’s second full-length album, Any Port In A Storm, via Fire Records on 22nd July, Craig Dermody’s increasingly melodic lo-fi slacker-rock outfit take to the road in June, July and August across the UK, Spain, Switzerland and Germany. Criss-crossing said countries from the 27th June, the … [Read more...]

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding – Two Weeks EP

At a time where there seems to be a bumper crop of relatively new Australian artists (like Tame Impala, Lower Plenty and Blank Realm, to name but a few) swerving away from unflattering cultural stereotypes to earn oft-deserved critical plaudits, it’s somewhat perplexing that Craig Dermody has opted to both ship himself from Melbourne to New York … [Read more...]