Son Lux – We Are Rising

Nowadays it’s as if everyone is some sort of perfectionist or other. For many, the painstaking process of creating something – may it be a story, an essay, a birdhouse, a song – is a developmental experience that brings about both anger and frustration. Many musicians have constantly revived and remixed their music a la Trent Reznor to an extreme … [Read more...]

Baths – Cerulean

It’s getting harder and harder to pinpoint just exactly what is going with electronic music and how it continues to get stronger, bigger and, most importantly, deeper. There’s already been a solid handful of releases – amongst a crowd of other stellar releases – from its genre that are, clearly, some of the best. And like hip-hop before it, … [Read more...]

Dosh – Tommy

When I caught Andrew Bird at least year’s Austin City Limits Festival, he sported his usual charm and wit – and sure, he brought his ‘A’ game with amazing new takes on his own songs. But at the side of him, neatly situated behind a drum set, drum machine and electric piano was Dosh. Bird would often allow the multi-instrumentalist to lead the tempo … [Read more...]

Why? – Eskimo Snow

You’ve gotta love an artist who always finds ways to surprise you. Yoni Wolf has consistently surprised over the course of albums by cLOUDDEAD, Hymie’s Basement, Reaching Quiet, and for the last seven years as Why?, a project which shares a name with his hip-hop alias.  Just starting with the Why? material alone, you see Wolf moving from the … [Read more...]

WHY? – “This Blackest Purse”

For a band that has the all-to indie label of “genre transcendence,” look no further than Bay Area’s own WHY? Started by Jewish artist Jonathan “Yoni” Wolf, WHY? consider themselves to be somewhat of a art rock group. They draw upon on a wide variety of places for inspiration, from Wolf’s Messianic Jewish Upbringing, to the 1997 Scribble Jam … [Read more...]