The Antlers – Undersea EP

During their subtle and gradual drive to esteemed territory, The Antlers travelled through darkly ominous territory of their own. Leadman Peter Silberman created lyrics and themes on Hospice and Burst Apart that conveyed both feelings of disconnect and out of touch love; losing the aching tenderness and moving past it all resulted in a resounding … [Read more...]

William Elliott Whitmore – Field Songs

"Some good it bad, some got it worse. Some just can't let go no matter how it hurts. But no one, no one can say, that we didn't do it the hard way." William Elliott Whitmore's fifth release may be a "stark representation of rural life" (according to his own website), but these themes run through people's lives everywhere. Yes, for the most part … [Read more...]

Grinderman – Grinderman 2

As fun as 2007’s eponymous Grinderman debut was at the time, on reflection it now feels more like a libidinous hirsute recharge for Nick Cave & three of his Bad Seeds, needed to power-up 2008’s swaggering full-blooded Bad Seeds LP Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!, rather than a bona fide standalone gem in the increasingly vast Cave catalogue.  So when a … [Read more...]

Islands – Vapours

Sure, disappointments are hard lessons learned. There’s the kind of let downs where failing seems inevitable and on the flip side, there are disappointments where you push and struggle and still come up short. Ever extensively study for a test, feeling confidently ready to find out you only got 26 out of the 40 questions right? Ugh, what a drag … [Read more...]

The Field – Yesterday and Today

As The Field, Axel Willner has always been known for his meticulously crafted music. And as a master producer of beats and electronics, he's made sure that when one considers his music, quality should be the predominant sentiment. 2007's From Here We Go Sublime was, arguably, that year's best electronic album (not for me; that goes to Pantha Du … [Read more...]

William Elliott Whitmore – Animals in the Dark

I have tons of respect for William Elliott Whitmore. Over the course of three releases for Southern Records he poured his heart and soul into a crop of songs (mostly) about the loss of both parents. He has toured with everyone from the Pogues and Murder by Death to Clutch and Ten Grand. In some of those situations it has to be intimidating to be … [Read more...]

Check out a track from Neko Case’s New Album

Check out "People Got a Lotta Nerve" from Neko Case's upcoming album, Middle Cyclone. You can download the track for free from Anti-. Anti- and Neko Case will be donating money to the Best Friends Animal Society for any blog or iLike user posting a link to this download.  Learn more at the Anti- blog. … [Read more...]