BJ Wilbanks – “I Can’t Help It”

Georgia native BJ Wilbanks explores his musical roots by digging deeply into Delta Blues and Motown sounds and channeling the emotional aspect of gospel music and the blues.  Wilbanks mixes this with a ‘70s Southern rock lineage and Americana for a potent genre-blending throwback concoction. Wilbanks is not only a solo artist, but also performs … [Read more...]

Mike Llerena – “Rosanna”

Gainesville, Florida-based DIY singer-songwriter Mike Llerena is gearing up to release his third EP, Absence & The Heart, in February.  Llerena’s roots are embedded in the local punk music scene he grew up in, but over the years he has added classic rock and folk flavours to his musical brew. While a teenager, Llerena picked up the guitar … [Read more...]

Interview with Brandy Butler

It’s so good to chat with you about your music and the meaning behind it.  Speaking of which, when thinking of the phrase 'Truth in art', what does this mean to you? I think that is a loaded, big phrase. There are lots of truths, and lots of different kinds of art, so it’s hard to be all-encompassing and yet specific. However, I think … [Read more...]

Les Bohem – “Fancy Footwork”

LA-based singer-songwriter Les Bohem is a veteran of many talents, in and outside of the music field.  In the 1980s he was a member of the bands Gleaming Spires and Sparks. Bohem took to screenwriting after those bands broke up, a career that has hit numerous highs, including the screenplay he wrote for the award-winning film Twenty Bucks, … [Read more...]

Thorin Loeks – Thirsty Hearts

Canadian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Thorin Loeks hails from the Yukon, but is currently residing in Vancouver.  He released his debut album, Thirsty Hearts, in the middle of 2016 and it deeply reflects Loeks’ experiences and outlook on the journey called life. Loeks’s geographical voyages have taken him through and from Canada … [Read more...]

Glenn Meling – “America”

Singer-songwriter and producer Glenn Meling may hail from Olso, Norway, but the geographical difference between Norway and the US doesn’t get in the way of Meling’s heartfelt Americana sound.  Meling recently released the album Minnesota, named in connection to the many migrating Norwegians settling in that state during the 1800s.  Meling himself … [Read more...]

Wicklow Atwater – “I Wanna Be Yer Man”

Los Angeles-native Americana roots outfit Wicklow Atwater mixes modern with vintage on its album The Fallen Flame String Band, which arrived on November 11th.  The group is made up of life-long friends David Archey (vocals, harmonica), Nick Lupton (acoustic guitar), Billy Lupton (mandolin, vocals), Gilbert Montoya (banjo, vocals), and Jessica … [Read more...]

Phil Gammage – “Arms of a Kind Woman”

New York-based Americana-blues veteran Phil Gammage released his eighth solo album, Used Man For Sale, just over a month ago.  Gammage’s music has previously been included in numerous films, TV shows, and commercials on broadcast channels like PBS, A&E, and MTV. While playing live is his thing, like his performances at the CBGB Music … [Read more...]

Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy – “Into The Ether”

West Virginian Americana duo Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy aims for direct and authentic songs on upcoming debut concept album The Miller Girl.  The full-length is set for release in November via Merf Records and it details the journey of an individual who is lost, but then found through the transformative power of love. Hussey is a veteran … [Read more...]

Annie Ellicott – Lonesome Goldmine

For the last five years Tulsa’s own Mark Kuykendall, musician, producer and filmmaker, has overseen a stream of consistently high quality and highly varied ambient/electronica releases on the delightfully below the radar Unknown Tone Records. The Oklahoma polymath’s recent meeting with adept jazz singer, Annie Ellicott, has led to something of a … [Read more...]