Fred Colombo – The Road EP

Fred Colombo is a French-Italian songwriter and musician who has branched out in different directions over the years because of his disparate stylistic influences.  Colombo is known for his compositional and performance contributions to the progressive metal bands Spheric Universe Experience, Artefact, and Ghostfather.  His background, however, is … [Read more...]

Conquering Animal Sound – Kammerspiel

Although the mistiness of pop has definitely lost its luster throughout so many continuously repetitive drives of the same style, the same sense, the same structure and much more; there’s still the conquering ability of being able to turn the everyday pop we know into something far more meaningful. Artists like Björk and Fever Ray mesh various … [Read more...]

Interview with Seinking Ships

Hello Christopher, Eric, and Miki!  I’m dead chuffed to be doing this interview with the three of you in support of your new Seinking Ships album Museum Quality Capture that set sail in June. Christopher, you’re based in the Cleveland, Ohio area, and Eric you are located in Oregon.  How did you two cross paths and at what point did you decide … [Read more...]

Seinking Ships – Museum Quality Capture

Seinking Ships is the long-distance music project between Ohio-based Christopher Seink and Oregon-located Eric Matthews (Cardinal), with guest vocals on three songs by U.K.-residing Miki Berenyi (1990s dreampop band Lush).  Museum Quality Capture is out now and distributed by S-Curve Records.  A mellow, ambient vibe runs through most of the songs, … [Read more...]

The Harvey Girls – I’ve Been Watching A Lot of Horror Movies Lately

The title isn't just some off-hand admission of the consequences of boredom driving a man to watch reel after reel of predictable film but rather a probable process that led to the creation of this weird and sometimes wonderful album. The Harvey Girls connection to the horror genre has got nothing to do with serial killers or shrieking, reluctant … [Read more...]

The Album Leaf – A Chorus of Storytellers

"If it ain’t broke don’t fix it" doesn’t really work in the business of making records. Music consumers expect musicians to improve and take their music to the next level in a forward progression. So bands strive hard to find a balance between the familiar sounds that attracted fans in the first place and the evolution to a new, and hopefully … [Read more...]

Hyperstory – s/t

When one sets out to make music, they often ask themselves whether an album should be made entirely for their own enjoyment or for the enjoyment of others. But it’s a difficult situation, knowing that this release was originally started for your own benefits and now, it’s involving other people. Challenging for sure but if you’re able to make … [Read more...]