Orcas – Orcas

Thomas Meluch and Rafael Anton Irisarri already have pretty good things going with their main musical endeavors - the gauzy ambient folk of Benoît Pioulard, and the sometimes techno-baiting, amorphous ambient shapes of The Sight Below. Despite differences in approach, both exude a certain mood that end users could lump together - a shared … [Read more...]

Markus Mehr – Lava

Thanks to Hidden Shoal Recordings for continuing to release genre-defying and experimental music. This time it’s German ambient experimentalist Markus Mehr’s Lava, a slow-paced album of dense, minimalist, shapeshifting, sometimes bleak, electronic soundscapes. It seems you CAN judge an album by it’s cover. Built mostly from buzzy synth drones … [Read more...]

Benoît Pioulard – Lasted

Recording under the pseudonym Benoît Pioulard, Portland’s Thomas Meluch has staked out a singular sound which blends acoustic guitar-based, melodic songwriting with swaths of low-key drone, keyboard accents, subtle electronics, and rickety percussion, resulting in a sublimely downcast whole. Lasted, his third full-length album for Kranky, was … [Read more...]

Pimmon – Smudge Another Yesterday

"Smudge Another Yesterday is an exploration of the song behind the noise; the secret whispers hidden in the static.” So says the press release accompanying revered sound sculptor Pimmon’s first full length release in over five years. What exactly "the song behind the noise" is or could be, I’m not exactly sure. Nor is it explicit upon listening. … [Read more...]

Olekranon – Gaitan

Olekranon’s new full-length release, Gaitan, is another entry in the increasingly visible, small-run, one-man-band vein. Without much presence online, there isn’t much to go on aside from the liner notes which state that the music was done by one Ryan Huber. You wouldn’t be able to guess the nature of the project by listening, though. There is … [Read more...]