Soften – Rocket Science

Nils Aellen contacted me directly after reading my review of Sophie Hunger's The Danger Of Light album. Aellen is also Swiss and from the Lausanne district, although so far as I can make out that's where any connections between him and Sophie Hunger end. A musician so far unknown outside the Swiss gig circuit, he's made an album that could bring … [Read more...]

Kenseth Thibideau – Repetition

Kenseth Thibideau paints pictures with music. While most other artists in the universe propel their sound through a series of scenes, images, movements, and acts, Thibideau finds his moment and just stays there. Once the elements of a song reach its most gorgeous, he’d rather repeat those bars for eternity than try to mess with the formula. So … [Read more...]

Max Richter – Infra

I forgot who it was that originally told me, though it’s a pretty well-known argument, that if the best composers of all time – like Mozart, Beethoven, and Haydn – were alive right now, they’d be writing scores for movies. Instead of focusing on many of their famous symphonies or string quartets, these composers would write gorgeous scores and … [Read more...]

Lotus Plaza – The Floodlight Collective

With the opening, shimmering, moments of "Red Oak Way," one could easily confuse it as the first song on the next Deerhunter album. Truth be told, Lotus Plaza's Lockett Pundt does very little to separate himself from the main band he's in. However, like that song's radiant glimmer and whole exquisiteness, Pundt's debut album, The Floodlight … [Read more...]