Joss Cope – Unrequited Lullabies

Having been released in early-October on the Gare Du Nord record label Unrequited Lullabies is a party already in full swing, so apologies from both DOA and your humble reviewer for our tardiness. We mean to have fun now that we're here. Deciding if Joss Cope is on or under the radar is a tough call. Having first pitched up, alongside older … [Read more...]

Freddie Nelson – “Light”

Freddie Nelson just dropped his critically acclaimed album Shake The Cage earlier this July.  The Pittsburgh, PA native is not only a singer-songwriter and guitarist, but also a producer.  Nelson has made a name for himself in previous bands; the hard rock act Triple X and rock outfit Too Tall Jones.  He also collaborated with Paul Gilbert of Racer … [Read more...]

Jon Tessier – “Like The Sun”

Brazilian-born Jon Tessier is a Brazilian-French artist who grew up in Malaysia and now works in an Ibiza music studio.  Tessier is a man of many talents with skills as a producer, musician, singer, and songwriter. While learning the music production trade, Tessier is also branching out as a solo artist.  During his time in Malaysia, he played … [Read more...]

Mike Llerena – “Rosanna”

Gainesville, Florida-based DIY singer-songwriter Mike Llerena is gearing up to release his third EP, Absence & The Heart, in February.  Llerena’s roots are embedded in the local punk music scene he grew up in, but over the years he has added classic rock and folk flavours to his musical brew. While a teenager, Llerena picked up the guitar … [Read more...]

The NaveBlues – “Thank You” (cover)

Norwegian singer-songwriter and harmonica-player Nave Pundik is at the core of the indie-blues-rock project The NaveBlues.  Pundik is both a musician and visual artist, crafting ear-catching songs and eye-catching videos.  Nave’s video for “SexyKiss” put him on the musical map and now he explores uncharted territory with his cover of the Led … [Read more...]

Thirsty – “The Albatross”

London-based noir-rockers Thirsty made waves in the UK last year with a self-titled debut album and now the act is set to inundate the world with its second album, Albatross, landing in November.  Legendary Rolling Stones producer Chris Kimsey was at the helm for the full-length’s production, mixing, and mastering. The core of Thirsty, Guy … [Read more...]

Sluka – Introversions

Sluka is the alias of one Christopher Sluka, a San Diego-based singer-songwriter (and visual artist) who has recorded 10 studio albums and amassed a devoted fanbase around the world.  Sluka released his latest album, Introversions, at the beginning of this year, but is currently following it up with a string of music videos; one for each of the … [Read more...]

Short Takes (Everlost US, The Grand Undoing & Tumbler)

Everlost US – “I’m Doing My Best” Everlost US is the musical project of the Orlando, Florida-based Jared Kay and his one-man-band approach sounds more like a scorchin’ five-member group than that of a solo musician.  Kay played in several bands before deciding to blaze a trail on his own, releasing a debut EP in 2014.  He recently released his … [Read more...]

Short Takes (Jane In Space, Mac Gollehon, The Departure, & Ajay Mathur)

Jane in Space – “Feel it Alive” The members of the industrial-rock-inclined Jane in Space may pound the pavement of New York City, but their sound is in the amorphous atmosphere above the Earth.  The act’s self-titled debut album is slated for lift-off on August 19th.  The trio is composed of Tom Vickers (vocals), a known actor and voice-over … [Read more...]

New single from Norway’s ViseMènn

Norwegian alternative rock band ViseMènn is set to make its mark with the compelling and transporting tune "Begging You Please".  It's the latest single from Helge Corneliussen (vocals, bass), Lars Olav Mangelrød (guitar, backing vocals), Sølve Eggebø (keyboards, backing vocals), and Magnar Lofthus (drums) and a powerful video, directed by Canadian … [Read more...]