Interview with Jylda

Berlin-based singer-songwriter and producer Gianna Gehlhar completely captivates with her musical persona Jylda.  In her productions, she combines playful, experimental and minimalistic elements. Her vocals constantly drift between extremes, from sounding high and soft, sometimes operatic and siren-like on the one hand, and keen and metallic on the … [Read more...]

Rachel Mason – “Tigers in the Dark”

Innovative performance artist and musician Rachel Mason is readying to unleash her latest project, the conceptual album Das Ram that focuses on what it means to be a creative spirit in the everyday world.  Mason encapsulates this theme on lead single “Tigers in the Dark”, out September 9th on Cleopatra Records, which sparks with the artist’s … [Read more...]

Joanna Gruesome – Peanut Butter

This might be your last chance to hear Alanna Mcardle sing for Joanna Gruesome. Just weeks after the release of Peanut Butter, it has been announced that she is leaving the band, citing mental health reasons. This is sad and I wish her the best of luck in her recovery. The news lends Peanut Butter a bittersweet tone. Joanna Gruesome’s sophomore … [Read more...]

Hymns – Appaloosa EP

A trend that began with the dawn of rock and roll many decades ago, bands would often go on to become synonymous with the city that gave rise to their fame. Is it possible to listen to the metal sleaze of Guns N’ Roses without visualizing the drug-addled blocks of Sunset Boulevard in the 1980’s or the damaged art rock of the Velvet Underground … [Read more...]