Lemonade – Diver

It seems that the farther removed we are from the 1980s, the more palpable its influences become.  It’s a notion I’ve been entertaining frequently these past six months, as new releases from Neon Indian, Sleigh Bells, and Frankie Rose have unapologetically tapped into a sonic reservoir teeming with references to the Human League and John Hughes … [Read more...]

Foals – Total Life Forever

For a lot of people in the music writing biz, the aughts will go down as the era of marketable post-punk. Two decades after Ian Curtis & company invented the genre, a legion of disciples (Interpol, The Libertines and Bloc Party) took their borrowed sounds to the top of the international charts and festival billings alike. But now in 2010 all is … [Read more...]

LCD Soundsystem – This Is Happening

Forget for a moment that This Is Happening was conceived and performed by a scene veteran whose first two studio LP’s of sardonic electro-rock were both critically acclaimed, and that one of them even cracked the Billboard Top 50. Similarly, disregard all the fawning press about how this same guy – with his permanent five o’clock shadow and … [Read more...]