New Sincerity Works – Wonder Lust

Cincinnati, Ohio-based New Sincerity Works originated in the summer of 2014 via Mike Tittel of The Loud Family and The Roger Klug Power Trio.  Tittel (songwriter, vocals, guitar, drums, keyboards) is joined by Roger Klug (guitar, vocals), Lauren Bray (vocals, keyboards), Greg Tudor (drums, vocals, pedal steel), Bob Nyswonger (bass, vocals), and … [Read more...]

Les Techno – “Trophy Wife”

New York City's Les Techno, who specializes in satirical songwriting, takes a swipe at Ivanka Trump for being a trophy wife (and daughter) on his lyrically-stinging new single and matching music video.  “Trophy Wife” comes off of the artist’s recent EP Whatever Happened to Les Techno?, which was released this past May. The DIY artist plays all … [Read more...]

Alarma – “Chaingang”

Los Angeles-based Alarma brings a vivid variety of world music styles to its energetic and laid-back songs that feature on recent album World Ignition.  The current line-up of Alarma is Pedro Martinez (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards), Alessandro Morosin (guitars, back-up vocals), Greg Panos, and Eduardo Sandoval (drums, percussion). The band … [Read more...]

Taxi Wars – Fever

If I begin this review by mentioning that Taxi Wars are mainly the project of former dEUS frontman Tom Barman, then that will divide those of you reading it into two groups; those that have heard the Belgian alt. rock troupe and those that haven't. If I begin it by saying that Fever is essentially a jazz album, then more or less everyone reading … [Read more...]

Space Cadets – Space Cadets EP

LA-based pop-slanted hip-hop outfit Space Cadets mix up a tasty sonic stew, adding a shake of rock, a dash of blues, and a pinch of R&B to the pot, depending on the tune.  The trio just released a self-titled second EP in late-August, which was produced by James Ingram (Blink-182, Avril Lavigne, Leona Lewis). Zachary Wexelman (vocals, … [Read more...]

Guy Grogan – Dynamite Bouquet

Prolific DIY singer-songwriter Guy Grogan hails from Santa Fe, New Mexico and he’s self-released and produced nine albums since he started his music career in 2010.  In that short time span he’s worked feverishly at his craft, sometimes releasing two albums in one year (like 2015’s Camouflage For Fire and Dandelion Give Away).  Grogan’s self-made … [Read more...]

Short Takes (Sidewave, Sheer, Jas Patrick & SO)

Sidewave – “Supersonic” and “Romance Is Dead” LA-based space-rock band Sidewave released its debut 12-track opus, Glass Giant, this past October and it’s a massively textured and dreamily transportive disc that rides high on seismic waves of guitar distortion and drum tumult.  Phil Golyshko (vocals, guitar), William Collins (guitar, synths), … [Read more...]

Debut album from Opium Denn

The mysteriously monikered Opium Denn produces atmospheric alt-rock music and he's released a debut concept album titled Demarkation that interlinks a run of songs created with the mood-altering HEV (Health-Science Enhanced Vibrations).  He is also bowing 9 consecutive music videos, one for each of the album's songs, and "I Am A Feeling 1" kicks it … [Read more...]

New LP from Matt Lande

Singer-songwriter Matt Lande is originally from Florida, but he hit the road early on, playing in bands and recording under a different moniker for a while.  Ultimately, he made the decision to be true to his own self and put his real name out there and his latest album, Glow, will be available on December 1st. On this album Matt gets deeply … [Read more...]

New EP from We Are Ardent

We Are Ardent, an alternative rock band hailing from Canada, is gearing up to release its 2nd EP, Bright Shadows From Dark Lights, on November 20.  Brothers Josh (guitar, vocals) and Justin (drums) Brazeau, Kat Kerley (vocals, kalimba), and Matt Dalton (bass) were nominated for 3 Niagara Music Awards in 2014 and on Bright Shadows From Dark Lights … [Read more...]