Phil Lomac – “Don’t Know What Love Is”

Veteran Phil Lomac has been an essential part of several bands over the years and is equally at home in the reflective singer-songwriter mold and the dynamic rock ‘n’ roller.  Stints in bands like The Brown Root Seed Company, Ron Neill & the Eleventh Hour, and showcased his lead guitar and vocal prowess. He eventually started on the solo … [Read more...]

High The Moon – Doze

Today, music finds its way to listeners in an ever-increasing number of forms. You would think almost everyone would have got used to the idea that the internet is a place where everyone and anyone can make their presence known, in larger or smaller ways and indeed, I nowadays rarely consider the fact that I can communicate almost effortlessly with … [Read more...]

Upcoming Album from Sarah Dashew

In less than ten years, Sarah Dashew has managed three critically-praised albums, successful tours, television spots, and a new full-length, establishing her as one of the music industry’s most consistent singer-songwriters. On Sarah Dashew’s latest full length, Roll Like a Wheel, one can hear her whole musical history: Texas tejano, … [Read more...]

New LP from Matt Lande

Singer-songwriter Matt Lande is originally from Florida, but he hit the road early on, playing in bands and recording under a different moniker for a while.  Ultimately, he made the decision to be true to his own self and put his real name out there and his latest album, Glow, will be available on December 1st. On this album Matt gets deeply … [Read more...]

Yassou releases 5 video-only songs

  It's been argued that we see music more than we hear music; a phenomenon that began with "Girls On Film" and grows with every viral, visual interpretation that corresponds to an artist's output. Fully submersing themselves in this ideology, Yassou has taken the opportunity to do what bands and solo artists should have started doing years … [Read more...]

EP release from Swahili Blonde

“I feel like I’m finally comfortable in my own skin—warts and all,” Nicole Turley confesses. “There's a grace and ease to self-acceptance that's really nice.”  This state of balance in being had a crucial effect upon the 34 year old musician’s process in making Deities in Decline, her newest EP as Swahili Blonde. Founded as Turley’s solo project … [Read more...]

Short Takes (Fake Shark, Ships Have Sailed, Paul Doffing & Monks Of Mellonwah)

Fake Shark – “Cheap Thrills” The best summertime jam of 2015 has arrived in high style with the slinky, infectious dancefloor hijinx of “Cheap Thrills” from Vancouver-situated act Fake Shark.  Formerly known as Fake Shark Real Zombie, the trio of Kevvy (songwriter, vocalist, member of Die Mannequin), Louis Wu (guitarist), and Tony Dallas … [Read more...]

New video from Nick de la Hoyde

In the current musical landscape, there are no longer barriers. You don't have to be from New York or LA to be a rap artist. Poetry and pop music can go hand-in-hand, and an MC doesn't need to shy away from wearing his heart on his sleeve. This makes it the perfect time to introduce Nick de la Hoyde. Nick de la Hoyde is a 21-year-old … [Read more...]

Snake! Snake! Snakes! – s/t EP

On their self-titled debut EP, the Phoenix based quartet known as Snake! Snake! Snakes! blend their commercial leaning alt-rock aesthetics with the sweeping guitar rock and melodic romanticism of Britpop favorites like James and Travis. When they add swirling and jangling guitars, reminiscent of Band Of Horses, they get a slick and enjoyable, yet … [Read more...]