New LP from In Gowan Ring

B'ee is a leading figure in psychedelic folk, who has recorded under the pseudonyms In Gowan Ring and Birch Book since the mid-90s. The Serpent and the Dove is his 8th album. It is also In Gowan Ring's 5th album after a 13-year hiatus. A modern-day troubadour, B'ee makes his own instruments, travels the world and brings back a myriad of musical … [Read more...]

Scott Krokoff – Realizations & Declarations, Vol. 2 EP

NYC-based singer-songwriter Scott Krokoff has been balancing the daily grind with the artistic life since the 1990s when he was a member of the band Equinox.  Four albums later, he decided to go solo in the noughties, juggling raising a family and working 9-to-5 with pursuing his musical dream.  His debut album, A Better Life, came out in 2007 and … [Read more...]

Jane Weaver – The Silver Globe

With so much music swirling around in obvious and less obvious places, inevitably there are some extremely good records that aren't getting heard as they should, albums that are known to only to industry insiders, devoted fans and those fortunate enough to have found them by chance. One favourite album of my own, Abby GoGo's eponynous 2010 album … [Read more...]

Cary Grace – Tygerland

Since releasing her first album in 2004, Cary Grace has continued to make and produce music that takes its influences from a range of sources wider than that of many other musicians. Country and blues rock, progressive and space rock, folk and experimental inspirations are all to be found within the music she has recorded over the last decade. … [Read more...]

Short Takes (WAAX, Matthew Morgan, Lael Summer & Luca Bash)

WAAX – “I For An Eye” Some of musicdom’s still-hidden treasures reside in the land of Australia.  Hot spots like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane are bristling with talented and high-energy musical acts that deserve to be unearthed and displayed on the world’s stage.  One such gem is the Brisbane-based, punk-influenced rock band WAAX.  Marie … [Read more...]

New album from Mary Epworth

British singer-songwriter Mary Epworth's debut album, Dream Life, is out now in the U.S. on Highline Records. From the bold album openers "Long Gone", with its brass, synth-droned chords and stately chorus, the all-out fuzz and drum assault of stand-out track "Black Doe", through to the magical and psychedelically epic closer "Ray Of Sunlight", … [Read more...]

Matthew Santos – “Seven Years” and “It All Works Out”

Chicago-based folk-rock artist Matthew Santos, who has been nominated twice for a Grammy award for his collaboration on 2007’s “Superstar” with Lupe Fiasco, is back as musical front page news with his upcoming album Into The Further.  Set for release on June 2nd on Candy Rat Records, it showcases Matthew’s magnetic, heartfelt, and soulful vocal … [Read more...]

New EP release from Amber Edgar

Canadian alt-folk singer-songwriter Amber Edgar is set to release her new EP, Good Will Rise, on May 12th.  It was a difficult collection of songs for her to record, but she feels that they are worth sharing with others because  they speak of common, relatable experiences — depression, unrequited lust, and grief.  During the process of recording … [Read more...]

Short Takes on 4 Songs

Nick de la Hoyde – “The Longest Way” Nick de la Hoyde is a fresh self-starter from Sydney, Australia who’s breaking into the hip-pop world with the sleek, engaging song-rap “The Longest Way”.  Before him music career blasted off, Nick lived for four years in Barcelona, Spain training to become a soccer player.  As a way to vent his frustrations … [Read more...]

Alt-folk/indie rock band Waterfall Wash releases debut EP in January

Waterfall Wash is a quirky, catchy mesh of folk, gospel and indie rock. The five-piece lets steel guitar and autoharp coexist alongside colorful layers of synthesizer, glockenspiel, and three-part vocal harmonies. Waterfall Wash lands in the spectrum of Big Star, Local Natives, and Talking Heads. "Visions"With a nod to Chicago's indie jazz … [Read more...]