Phil Lomac – “Don’t Know What Love Is”

Veteran Phil Lomac has been an essential part of several bands over the years and is equally at home in the reflective singer-songwriter mold and the dynamic rock ‘n’ roller.  Stints in bands like The Brown Root Seed Company, Ron Neill & the Eleventh Hour, and showcased his lead guitar and vocal prowess. He eventually started on the solo … [Read more...]

Greg And The Granules – “No Words”

Singer-songwriter Greg Maechling, the frontman of Southern California psych-rock-meets-surf-pop band Particle Wave, is also known for his music project Greg And The Granules.  The group is comprised of Maechling (vocals, guitar), producer and instrumentalist Nick Luca (Iron & Wine, Calexico, Neko Case) on keyboards, and Joe Westerlund … [Read more...]

Hidden Shoal Records – Eat Your Friends

Over almost a decade, Hidden Shoal records developed a reputation as a consistently innovative and experimental music label, giving to us music of remarkable qualities whether it was the instrumental excursions of Gilded, the blissed-out indie of My Majestic Star, the electronica of Marcus Mehr, the alt.folk stylings of Kramies - the HSR list of … [Read more...]

Matt Townsend – “Came Down From The Mountain”

North Carolina-based singer-songwriter Matt Townsend has just released his new EP, The Drifter and the Dream (Part I), the first of a two-part series.  On the EP, Townsend has shifted the solo acoustic set-up found on his first two albums to a more expansive sound that mines American folk, ‘60s rock/pop, indie-rock, and ambient music.  The EP … [Read more...]

Magnetic Ghost – Loss Molecules

Out of the great open spaces of the Midwest comes Magnetic Ghost, the Minneapolis, Minnesota-based project of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Andy Larson.  In the tradition of hypnotizing lo-fi acts like Low and Flying Saucer Attack, Magnetic Ghost haunts the senses with droning, expansive, and looming compositions that veer from quiet … [Read more...]

Simon Benegas – Feel It Grow EP

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, the New York-based Simon Benegas will be kicking off his first North American tour this fall in support of his two indie-folk EPs, The Age of Simple and Feel It Grow.  While Benegas has already toured his native country, he is eager to showcase his engaging music around the world. Benegas attended the … [Read more...]

Lovelace – Lands

There isn't and there hasn't ever been a shortage of artists making what is variously described as alt. folk, lo-fi and other variations on the description of music that relies much on its tunefulness and less on its instrumentation. A five-piece, Lovelace are songwriter/guitarist Rebecca Whitbread, bassist Petter Grevelius, drummer Bernie Gardner … [Read more...]

Eric Anders – Big World Abide: The Best of Eric Anders

San Francisco-based singer-songwriter Eric Anders is a long-serving veteran, as evidenced by his musical history and recent compilation album Big World Abide: The Best of Eric Anders.  Twelve tracks from Anders’ five previous releases were remastered by Jeff Peters (The Beach Boys, Brian Setzer) for this collection.  Anders is an independent artist … [Read more...]

Lianne La Havas – Blood

When Prince died on April 21st, he left behind an enormous legacy of influence. Traces of his flamboyant performance, meticulous album-crafting, and dynamic musicality can be found in artists from D’Angelo to Justin Timberlake. But as integral to Prince’s artistic persona was his ability to create mood -- entire albums that felt sexy, wondrous, … [Read more...]

The Loom – Here In The Deadlights

One thing about beginning your album with what may be your strongest song is that it gives the rest of proceedings something to live up to. "Fire Makes" - the first track on what is the newest LP from the Brooklyn folk/rock crossover quartet - is a tremendously effective introduction to The Loom on their third full length release. A swirling, … [Read more...]