Mulatu Astatke – Sketches of Ethiopia

Mulatu Astatke’s latest recording, Sketches of Ethiopia, is a masterpiece.  Released in 2013 on Harmonia Mundi Jazz Village, Astatke’s infectious talent is finally available to an international audience. Beginning his career as a percussionist, Astatke collaborated with numerous jazz legends such as Duke Ellington. The horn and piano sections on … [Read more...]

Staff Benda Bilili – Très Très Fort

Do you ever get that feeling, in the deepest part of your chest, where a certain kind of art moves you like no other? Those uniquely delightful moments and instances where the music and the story behind it tell such compelling stories? As often as I've said, and you certainly don't need to hear it again but my goodness, music is one miraculous … [Read more...]