Rachel Goodrich – s/t

Just because someone has had their music featured on a cable TV show, tinkered with by a Grammy-winning producer, and been written about in The New York Times doesn’t necessarily mean they’re worth your time, money, or Internet bandwidth.  Indeed, can’t we all reference at least one artist from the past decade who boasted imposing credentials and … [Read more...]

The Black Ryder – “Sweet Come Down”

Aimee Nash and Scott Von Ryper of Australia’s The Black Ryder showcase one aspect of their sound with the softly desolate, laconically-paced noir song “Sweet Come Down” that features Peter Hayes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club on harmonica.  A quasi-duet is set in motion by picked acoustic guitar and the occasional pull of plaintive harmonica, while … [Read more...]

Short Takes on Three Albums

Club 8 – The People’s Record Labrador Records http://www.club-8.org/ Johan Angergård is a musical multi-tasker extraordinaire – as head of Labrador Records in Sweden and as a member of the bands Acid House Kings, Club 8, and The Legends.  Club 8 is actually a duo consisting of Johan and vocalist Karolina  Komstedt (formerly of Poprace) and … [Read more...]

Short Takes on Three Albums

Smoke Fairies - Ghosts V2 Records http://smokefairies.com/ Smoke Fairies is the London-based duo of Katherine Blamire and Jessica Davies and the U.S.-only release Ghosts compiles their first two singles and an EP into a 9-song disc of hauntingly stark and beautiful noir alt-folk tunes that revolve around the gals’ ethereal to earthy dual … [Read more...]

Jen Gloeckner – Mouth of Mars

Singer-songwriter Jen Gloeckner self-released her debut album Miles Away in 2004 and her new follow-up album, Mouth of Mars, was released in March and recorded at Jen’s own Hazy Sky Studio in Iowa.  She co-produced the album with record producer Brian McTeer (Danielson, Woven Hand).  A handful of guest artists collaborate on the album including … [Read more...]

Bitter Ruin – Hung, Drawn and Quartered

Georgia Train (vocals) and Ben Richards (vocals, guitar) are a U.K.-based duo who has previously released two song-packed EPs in 2007 and 2008.  Hung, Drawn and Quartered, their much-anticipated, self-released debut album that was recorded with producer Jason Rubal in the U.S., drops May 26th and it’s a compact and vibrant collection of 8 … [Read more...]

Linda Draper – Bridge and Tunnel

Singer-songwriter Linda Draper returns with her 3rd album for Planting Seeds Records, an understated, lyrics-centric, alt-folk confessional with clear, upfront vocals.  While Linda is not a powerhouse vocalist, she still acutely conveys her reflective, melancholic lyrics, ably accompanied by low-key, fluidly-picked acoustic guitar lines, solemn, … [Read more...]

Interview with Bitter Ruin

Delusions of Adequacy:  Hello Georgia and Ben!  It’s so wonderful to be doing this interview with you.  I’ve only recently found out about Bitter Ruin, but I was instantly bowled over by your sharply intense, stirring, dual vocal acrobatics, spirited guitar sound, and, well, what can I say - bitter and bracing lyrics. You have two EPs under your … [Read more...]

Iron and Wine – Around the Well

The thing about Samuel Beam's Iron and Wine outfit is how emotionally touching and gripping his music is. Lovingly enveloped within his quivering voice, finger-picking acoustic guitar playing and a few friends that lend helping hands here and there, the name Iron and Wine has come to signify one thing: gorgeous music. And although his band's … [Read more...]