Brian Bond – Fire & Gold

Brian Bond writes gentle songs about nostalgia, loss, and leaving. Fire & Gold is a soft, beautiful record, one that takes its time to tell a story- something missing in a lot of contemporary pop music. Like a calm, serene Built To Spill, Bond knows how to play with tension and release. He understands we don't really want to see the … [Read more...]

Jive White Boy – Knives That Stab Your Face

What sold me on Jive White Boy is his obvious influences. He has a Donovan Woods meets Iron And Wine n feel, bluesy folk with a hint of Bright Eyes' early melancholy. But this is a record that is more than the sum of its influences—Jive White Boy has branded himself as a unique, credible songwriter.  Knives That Stab Your Face is a record that … [Read more...]