Ceremony – “Someday” 7″

There’s much to be said about bands that break-up and go on to form other bands. One that stands out for me – mostly because they are/were a local band – is At the Drive-In. They’re still responsible for what many consider to be one of the best albums of 2000, Relationship of Command. These break-ups can leave fans waiting for more and ultimately, … [Read more...]

Stellarscope – “Just Like Flowers”

A DIY undertone laced with severely distorted A Place To Bury Strangers style fuzzbox distortion, Stellarscope pulse and blast forward on "Just Like Flowers" off 2009's This Is Who We Are. I see a range of influences listed and they fit right in with Stellarscope's melodic yet dark sound. I am also hearing a heavy Greg Sage And The Wipers influence … [Read more...]

New single from Virginia’s Ceremony

Before A Place To Bury Strangers there was Skywave, a 3-piece band from Fredericksburg, Virginia. Ollie left to move to NYC and formed APTBS but John and Paul stayed behind and continued on under the name of Ceremony. While there's no doubt comparisons to APTBS will be made (they remain good friends and were in the same band, after all), … [Read more...]