Right on Dynamite – In Vino Veritas

The Brooklyn trio, Right on Dynamite, touch on some of the older indie hipster's favorite bands (Pavement, Sea and Cake, and especially The Wrens — remember how great Secaucus was?!). These guys love feedback and squawking guitar phrases. References to Pavement and a love of feedback might sound great, but there's a catch. The feedback and squalls … [Read more...]

Grand Lake – Blood Sea Dream

What to make of the debut album from California’s Grand Lake? Neither the band’s name or title gives much indication of anything, other than the mental recognition that these are indeed words and they form some sort of order that makes some sort of sense. It’s hard to tell on the basis of these two little pieces of information anything about … [Read more...]

Worst Case Ontario – Smallcraft EP

Do you miss rock from the early to mid 90s? If so, New York's own Worst Case Ontario might be your new best friend. It almost makes me want to find an old flannel and some combat boots. Almost. The band's approach is pretty standard - two guitars, bass, drums, vocals - throw 'em in a room together and see what happens. There's plenty of chugging … [Read more...]