Kopek- White Collar Lies

Sometime in the late eighties to early nineties, I thought everyone got together and decided arena rock and hair metal had run its unbearable course. Grunge helped put a stop to that, which would itself get laughable as the alt-grunge bands flooded the scene. Music like Kopek is why the underground exists. When a style takes over the radio, … [Read more...]

Danny and The Parkins Sisters – s/t

It's usually a good sign when someone goes into the vault and re-releases lost recordings from an artist. It's usually a sign of the artist's importance, or maybe a measure of the impact that the artist had on the individual responsible for the re-pressing. In the case of Danny and The Parkins Sisters, the artist is a no-wave, near-unknown, … [Read more...]

Butterfly Bones – Pretty Feelings EP

If the idea of 80s synth pop gets you excited, you'll probably dig the Butterfly Bones EP Pretty Feelings. It's got a feel-good summer vibe to it that might change your outlook during the impending dark, cold days of winter. You may remember Heaven 17, Yaz, and those other haircut bands that constituted the earlier new-wave scene. And you may be … [Read more...]

The Silent Boys – Progression: 1986-1991

I'm not gonna lie: I like re-issues of 80s post-punk and indie-rock gems. A handful of these, including ones by Crippled Pilgrims and Dumptruck, have stood the test of time and sound prescient. The Silent Boys has now released Progression: 1986-1991 as a retrospective of its early days. The band has re-formed and released a few albums in recent … [Read more...]

Van She – “Changes”

Groovy. Fresh. Hip. These three words can only slightly express the precision which permeates Van She’s musical brew. The band's most recent album, V, released in August of 2008, is full of electro-popping, funky tunes that cause serious head bopping syndrome. Hopping out of Sydney, Australia, Van She produced a single, “Changes”, that sounds like … [Read more...]

The Silence Kit – A Strange Labor

A few years ago I had the pleasure of reviewing an album by the Russian band Silence Kit. It was a phantasmagoria of sound wrought by a few like-minded experimental post-rock musicians. It's odd that there exists two bands with the same unusual name, but here we have another Silence Kit, this time from the Philly/New Jersey area. The US Silence Kit … [Read more...]