Dangermaker – Self-Titled EP

I hate to say it, but Dangermaker doesn't seem to offer much entertainment, at least for me. It's pretty basic bar-band stuff, an amalgam of indie-pop and 70s blues-rock. The songs have something of Cheap Trick to them, with a little Harvey Danger or Modest Mouse thrown in. "Need" could be decades-old radio fare. Its a little plodding in its … [Read more...]

The Lonely H – Concrete Class

These guys have come a long way musically in the last few years and it's worth looking back over their career and their growth at this point.  The band's debut album, Kick Upstairs, was a lucky break for the 16 year olds from Port Angeles High School up in Northwest Washington, who won their way into Orbit Studios due to their second place win in … [Read more...]

Jeepster – What If All The Rebels Died?

It would not be an insult to call Jeepster "stoner rock," and it would not be a complete description either. Based on the band's name, you've probably guessed that there's a 70s vibe to the music and maybe a little T. Rex in there. You'd be right. This CD doesn't hide its influences. Unlike its heavier cousins Kyuss and Fu Manchu, Jeepster knows … [Read more...]

Jay Nemeyer – 3-song EP

DC's enterprising Jay Nemeyer released a three-song EP this past fall, which in his words was a reaction against the music typical of the scene. The tracks here go for a bluesy/garage-band kind of sound when they rock and an almost country vibe when they're mellow. Nemeyer played all the instruments and plays in two other bands, one in DC and one … [Read more...]