New Music Spotlight #3

Dangerous Muse – Red EP Electronic synth-pop artist Mike Furey, AKA Dangerous Muse, has been on the scene for a while, breaking through with MTV-approved “The Rejection” in 2006 and with an enticing video for “I Want It All” in 2009 (  Mike has released a string of singles and EPs, with 2 more EPs on … [Read more...]

Fuck Knights – “Kristina!” b/w “Mod/Kilos”

With monikers like Sir Getsalottapus, Sir Fuxalot, and Lord Ballahag, Fuck Knights doesn't take itself too seriously. Neither should you. The Minneapolis, Minnesota based band is about as in-your-face as a crusty garage rock trio could be. Take it or leave it, because the two sirs and the lord don't seem to have time for much else. "Kristina!" … [Read more...]

Everyone Everywhere – A Lot of Weird People Standing Around 7″

When this  7" found its way on to my turntable I was burnt out on listening to too many scrappy punk records. When I saw that Everyone Everywhere is a Philly band, I had to make it my next selection for the afternoon. I didn't want to hear any more punk, and this hometown band definitely delivered on that front. The group plays what I would … [Read more...]

James Yorkston to Release Hand-Drawn Limited Edition Singles

On 3rd August James Yorkston is to release a new single, the limited edition 7" 'Martinmas Time' taken from the forthcoming  'Folk Songs'.   Each 7" comes in it's own unique sleeve - 300 blank sleeves have been sent out by James Yorkston & James Green (aka Big Eyes) to friends and  family to be designed, desecrated & doodled … [Read more...]

Roofwalkers – “Cut Every Corner” b/w “Broken Sticks”

For some reason I always assume recently released 7" records only contain in your face, gritty rock n' roll. I'm not sure where this expectation developed, but I still end find myself at least mildly surprised when I slip a slab of vinyl on the player and hear anything but loud. Such is the case with the new Roofwalkers 7” on Taps and Dies Records. … [Read more...]