Chains of Love – Strange Grey Days

Vancouver-based Chains of Love released this 7-song debut this past spring on Manimal Vinyl and it’s a nouveau-retro winner that delivers a  fresh, but faithful take on the old school musical stylings of the 60s and 70s, mixing vibrant 60s Girl Group harmonies and Wall of Sound dynamics with 70s organ psychedelia and more modern, sharply angular … [Read more...]

Secret Colours – s/t

There are some people who would, keeping a straight-face, assert that The Stone Roses are (possibly/one of) the greatest band(s) of all time. Secret Colours are ideal for them, partly because the Chicago band play music that is somewhat similar to theirs, but also because the fact that an American band can so convincingly do this might cause … [Read more...]

Golden Triangle – Double Jointer

There's something unusual about Golden Triangle's mix of influences. It's lo-fi, but it's not. It's 60s girl-group rock, but not quite. It's got some of the "wall of sound" flavor to it without ever getting the amps to 11. Jesus & Mary Chain? Clinic? New Pornographers? If it sounds like retro rock, it may have to do with the faraway vocals … [Read more...]

Kissing Party – The Hate Album

If there's one thing that never goes out of style, and I'm not sure why, it's the need for two minute pop songs. The novelty wore off, but the nostalgia kicked in, keeping the genre's relevance. Kissing Party seems like they took the crash course and learned every trick they needed to know. Fifteen songs, thirty minutes; it's one quick jingle to … [Read more...]

Hornet Leg – Ribbon of Fear

I might be the wrong one to review Hornet Leg's Ribbon of Fear. It's on K Records, so someone must believe in the band and its promise. The band has a throwback 60s sound that might have a natural place on those old Nuggets compilations. It's self-consciously old-styled and I must be a little saturated on this kind of thing. Hornet Leg has had … [Read more...]