The Winebirds- Seance Hill

The time-honored tradition of rhythmic pop! The Winebirds are winding through much treaded territory on their new album, Seance Hill. This, however, isn't a bad thing. We can forgive genre replicators if their hearts are in the right place, or if the music is good enough. In this case, The Winebirds make good enough music to make it worth your … [Read more...]

Wiretree – Luck

Album art can be deceiving. The black and twisted metal that graces Luck made me think I was about to listen to some Fuel or something.  So, upon hearing thoughtful acoustic-pop, I was pleasantly surprised. This is Wiretree's sophomore album, in which they've added a little more jab to their earlier, softer work. This is a quintet of simple … [Read more...]

Almost Charlie- The Plural of Yes

Dirk Homuth obviously gushed over the British Invasion when he took up listening to music. The whole 1960's era in general must have really captivated the German as a boy. He sought out to make music, in hopes to revive that era, via the German Invasion! Actually, he would want to consider a different title, but you get the idea. But despite Dirk's … [Read more...]