Tullia Benedicta – Anteros

Although never a label to discourage the collaborative tangling of its artists and their shared musical influences, the Italian-born and now London-based Tullia Benedicta is perhaps the first younger artist to be openly inspired by the work of Second Language's co-founder Glen Johnson and his work leading Piano Magic.  Previously a member of … [Read more...]

Future Islands – Singles

If for whatever reason the sweeping beauty of something as gripping as “Tin Man” wasn’t enough, or if even the lifting, gently layered stroll of “Before the Bridge” didn’t do it, it always seemed as if something like Singles was tucked deep inside Future Islands’ arsenal. The pop-driven journey of “Long Flight” sounds like prime foreshadowing when … [Read more...]

Exclusive Album Stream of Made Of Stars by Strata Florida (Louise Trehy of 1990s 4AD duo Swallow)

Louise Trehy is back at long last with a spectacular new album that channels the dreamy bliss and noisy distortion of the best of the 1990s U.K. dream-pop and shoegazer bands.  Fans of Kate Bush, Liz Fraser/Cocteau Twins, B’linda Butcher/My Bloody Valentine, Miki Berenyi/Emma Anderson/Lush, and Toni Halliday/Curve will not only be enthralled … [Read more...]

Louise Trehy of 4AD duo Swallow is back as Strata Florida

Strata Florida is the newest project of Louise Trehy, formerly one half of the 4AD duo Swallow. Debut album Made Of Stars is only Trehy's second album in twenty years. Swallow's flame flickered bright but brief in the early 1990s, and disillusion after the band’s break up caused Trehy to abandon music altogether. Her creative spark was … [Read more...]

Deerhunter – Monomania

In an interview with Rolling Stone, after the release of Atlas Sound’s fantastically brilliant Parallax, Bradford Cox explained his monomania and how he’s consistently fixated with one thing. And while monomania is the strict definition of a partial insanity where a sole aspect consumes one’s mind, Cox goes on to explain his ensuing nervous … [Read more...]

The National – Trouble Will Find Me

For the greater part of a decade, and for die-hards much longer, The National has immensely impressed with album after album of ridiculously comforting highs and words that best some of the current great authors' purposes. The band's music has always prevailed on what many would claim to be simple measures of technique but what the real lovers … [Read more...]

Inc. – No World

“The place that we already know, I feel like we’ve been here before.” The Aged brothers are sure acting the part if they haven’t already been “here” before. Nary a moment is wasted as this opening line chisels out the album’s first track, “the place”. The atmosphere is hardly arid concerning not only the lyrics but also the hip-hop drenched … [Read more...]

David Byrne and St. Vincent – Love this Giant

Back when Talking Heads were taking the world by storm, David Byrne and co. ensured that their music was taken as a whole: respective albums that one could embrace and fall in love with. A few twenty years later, St. Vincent’s Annie Clark shares in the same joy and was famously dubbed an art rock musician, just like Byrne always was and is. … [Read more...]

Grimes – Visions

Throughout the creation of music, a vision is definitely one of the most fundamental features for any artist to realize. Canadian-born Claire Boucher has already released two albums under her Grimes moniker to light praise. Her vision of music is one that is unyieldingly catchy and ethereal in overall scope and, while maintaining a skillful hand at … [Read more...]

Gang Gang Dance – Eye Contact

With pop music – at least that of the radio friendly unit shifter variety – three devices are undeniably ubiquitous: earworm melodies, lyrical inclusion, and conventional song format.  Think about it - if your song has a good hook, a direct and universal message, and a strategically placed chorus, it’s a fair bet that people will at least give you … [Read more...]