Efterklang – Piramida

Yearning for greener pastures, well, maybe more white-ish gray pastures, Danish trio, Efterklang confronts their own limitations on their newest record, Piramida. They confronted their limitations by enlisting the skillful qualities that artists and human beings have of reaching deeply into themselves and acquiring unique ideas and adventurous … [Read more...]

Purity Ring – Shrines

Targeting an audience that I believe includes even themselves showing a thorough enjoyment of their craft, Purity Ring swells beautifully with their debut album, Shrines, available now on 4AD records. Dispersing out of rival sound mates, Gobble Gobble and Born Gold, Purity Ring is a duo made up of Montreal, Quebec natives Corrin Roddick and Megan … [Read more...]

Twin Shadow – Confess

Transported, though it may seem, to a grand and lush dreamlike landscape is the tone set by Brooklyn daydream magician, George Lewis Jr. also known as the artist, Twin Shadow. In 2010, Twin Shadow released his debut album, Forget, and has not stopped gaining creative prowess among the indie pop crowd since. His new album, Confess was recorded in LA … [Read more...]