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Artists On Albums: AOA#43 (Keiron Phelan on The Psychomodo)

Keiron Phelan on… Cockney Rebel’s The Psychomodo (EMI, 1974) There was always something gloriously ‘wrong’ about (the first incarnation of) Cockney Rebel. Like a misbegotten romance between a kohl-eyed hippie chick and a suedehead, Rebel existed in a world of musical contradictions and unlikelihood. Their flint eyed, silver haired, bowler … [Read more...]

Artists On Albums: AOA#42 (Oliver Cherer on Festival Session)

Oliver Cherer on… Duke Ellington And His Orchestra’s Festival Session (Columbia/Philips, 1959) I grew up with music in the house.  My mum played Beethoven and Mozart on an upright piano and my dad listened to Stravinsky records and BBC Radio 3, but in amongst his collection of Deutsche Gramaphon classics, were two or three jazz albums, … [Read more...]

Artists On Albums: AOA#41 (Mark Fry on Electric Ladyland)

Mark Fry on… The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s Electric Ladyland (Track Record/Reprise, 1968) “I tried to use the board, the console, and what I had at my disposal, as a palette. Much as an artist would pick the colours, I would pick the colours of sound,” said producer Eddie Kramer about his longstanding collaboration with Jimi … [Read more...]

Artists On Albums: AOA#40 (Chris Eckman on My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts)

Chris Eckman (The Walkabouts & Dirtmusic) on… Brian Eno & David Byrne’s My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts (Sire, 1981) As an echo of Brian Eno’s love of random gestures and creative accidents, I close my eyes and open my dog-eared copy of Nigerian author Amos Tutola’s 1950s novel My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts and press my finger to the … [Read more...]

Artists On Albums: AOA#39 Andrew Kwasny of Elika on Architecture and Morality

Andrew Kwasny of Elika on… Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark’s Architecture & Morality (Virgin Records, 1981) I found Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark a little bit later in life. That’s not to say I didn’t know them. I was familiar with a handful of their hits; “So in Love,” “Electricity,” “Enola Gay,” and of course the young love … [Read more...]

Artists On Albums: AOA#38 (John Parish on Doc At The Radar Station)

John Parish on… Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band’s Doc At The Radar Station (Virgin Records, 1980) “Listen to this, it’s the worst thing you’ve ever heard” said the keyboard-player from my first band before sticking a cassette into the van’s sound system. It was an advance copy of Doc At The Radar Station that a friend working in Virgin … [Read more...]

Artists On Albums: AOA#37 (Colleen on Moondog 2)

Colleen on… Moondog’s Moondog 2 (Columbia Records, 1971) I first encountered Moondog’s music around 2001, discovering him – like so much other music in my life – at a time when going to the music libraries of Paris had become an essential part of my life. I had just finished my studies and had very little money, so my favourite way of … [Read more...]

Artists On Albums: AOA#36 (Ghostwriter’s Mark Brend on American Gothic)

Ghostwriter’s Mark Brend on… David Ackles’ American Gothic (Elektra, 1972) I’ve been listening to David Ackles for 27 years now, and for most of that time his third album American Gothic, was one I admired more than liked. Recently that’s changed, but for years if I wanted to listen to Ackles, which I often did, I’d generally turn to his … [Read more...]

Artists On Albums: AOA#35 (David Grubbs on The 25-Year Retrospective Concert Of The Music Of John Cage)

David Grubbs on… John Cage’s The 25-Year Retrospective Concert Of The Music Of John Cage (no label, 1959) I have always been intrigued by John Cage’s dismissive attitude towards sound recordings. Actually, I should be a bit more precise than that.  John Cage was often dismissive towards commercially-released sound recordings, even as he … [Read more...]

Artists On Albums: AOA#34 (Yo La Tengo’s James McNew on Seizure)

James McNew (Yo La Tengo and Dump) on… Chris Knox’s Seizure (Flying Nun Europe, 1989) In the late 80s, Homestead Records released domestic versions of several records originally issued on the Flying Nun label from New Zealand.  It was the way I (and lots of people) first heard The Clean, The Chills, The Verlaines, and the Tall Dwarfs. I … [Read more...]