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Death And Vanilla – The Tenant

Putting-off potential art-pop fame for now, Malmö’s Death And Vanilla return with another murky and mysterious live film soundtrack remoulding.

Artists On Albums: AOA#53 (Lake Ruth’s Allison Brice on The Source)

Lake Ruth’s Allison Brice explores the troubled yet redemptive saga of the late Jimmy Scott’s 1970 opus.

Phantoms Vs Fire – Swim

Wordless electronica with a percussive edge from a Brazilian/Italian multi-instrumentalist Thiago C. Desant.

Pete Astor – One For The Ghost

Born survivor Pete Astor continues to sustain his recent return to matured yet impish guitar-led songcraft, with this second solo album abetted by Ultimate Painting’s James Hoare and members of The Wave Pictures.

Bardo Pond – Volume 8

Philadelphia’s now legendary psych-voyagers clear-out the outtakes cupboard in masterfully erudite fashion.

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Interview with Jack Hayter

Erstwhile Hefner multi-instrumentalist, super-sideman for regular hire and occasional solo trader, Jack Hayter tells all on his lengthy, complicated and contrarian career to date as well lifting the lid on his new album for the Gare du Nord label.

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