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Pale Young Gentlemen- “Paper Planes”

The Clash's "Straight From Hell" contains the same opening riffs from M.I.A.'s smash single, "Paper Planes." This connection, rather than an affinity for M.I.A., sparked the Pale Young Gentlemen's deconstructed, chamber pop cover of the hit song.  Lead singer Mike Reisenauer's tentative warble singing about being a "bonafide hustler" may seem a bit … [Read more...]

Pale Young Gentlemen – Black Forest (tra la la)

Pale Young GentlemenBlack Forest (tra la la)The "sophomore slump" does not apply to the Pale Young Gentlemen, with Black Forest (tra la la) - their follow-up to 2007's outstanding debut - hitting the shelves on October 7th. Their first album, a creative, kitschy collection of off-the-wall tracks with vintage sensibilities, accrued wide acclaim … [Read more...]

Pale Young Gentlemen – Self-titled

Pale Young GentlemenSelf-titledWith respect to theatrical albums, the risk of overwhelming drama and insufficient musical substance often leads the most ambitious artists to mediocrity. To everyone's benefit, Pale Young Gentlemen aurally prevent descriptions short of "excellent" from entering their listeners' lexicon while experiencing this … [Read more...]

His & Her Vanities – The Mighty Lunge

His & Her Vanities are doing their damnedest to revive a revival. They aren't failing, either. I reckon we're far enough removed--barely--from the recent post-punk/garage rock exhumation to see copycat bands floating in its ever-abating wake. Make no mistake about H&HV, however; though their self-titled 2002 record and follow-up, 2004's … [Read more...]

Time Since Western – A Sun Goes Down

Time Since WesternA Sun Goes DownDeparting from the kitschy-cool chamber rock of his other band, Pale Young Gentlemen, Madison, Wisconsin-based Andrew Brawner has created a simmering album with understated messages and stunning craftsmanship. With emotive, Cat Power-like composition and poised, crooning vocals, Brawner's Time Since Western combines … [Read more...]

Time Since Western – Inside Out

Time Since WesternInside OutBluesy, minimalist, and starkly poignant, "Inside Out" is a tantalizing new track by Andrew Brawner, recorded under the name Time Since Western. Perhaps most well-known for his contributions to Pale Young Gentlemen's brilliant debut album, Brawner's solo effort deftly shows his musical talents, from his poetic, … [Read more...]

Awesome Car Funmaker – E For Everyone

Awesome Car FunmakerE For EveryoneThe first thing to think about this disc is the band's name: Awesome Car Funmaker. As nonsensical as it is funny, before even hearing this Madison, Wisconsin outfit's music one might guess that there is something unusual about this band. Who ever thinks that would be mostly correct. While ACF does play some … [Read more...]

Interview with Rykarda Parasol

Hello Rykarda!  You’re fresh off playing an acoustic gig at SXSW and your starkly captivating, self-described “rock noir” sophomore album For Blood and Wine was released this past October.  How was SXSW?  Did you get a chance to catch other artists’ performances? Hello Jen! I did see many bands at SXSW. My favorite was Imaad Wasif from LA. I … [Read more...]

The Great Shakes – In the Ballroom EP

The Great ShakesIn the Ballroom EPLast year, while many drooled over the latest offering from The Strokes, The Great Shakes were busy touring their hearts out and proving they were the real New York City act to keep on the radar. The band's debut EP, picked up by college and independent radio, was an incredibly energized and distinct blend of 70s … [Read more...]