The Palace Of Light – Beginning Here & Travelling Outward (reissue)

Having delivered a no-frills yet solid reissue in 2013 of Wish I Was, the one-off 1993 album from late-‘60s/early-‘70s Elektra Record enthusiasts Mabel Joy, it was only a matter time before Spain’s Hanky Panky Records commissioned archival curation of the British group’s earlier incarnation as The Palace Of Light.  So now arrives an expanded … [Read more...]

Hajk – Hajk

"I'm gonna let you come to me," Sigrid Aase sings on Hajk's opening track. And I did. Aase's confident declarative on "Magazine" introduces this self-titled debut — a fresh, welcoming blend of indie-pop — much of which you will find irresistible. The next song, "Nothing Left To Say," features vocalist-guitarist Preben Sælid Andersen. The energy … [Read more...]

Ralegh Long – Upwards Of Summer

Despite receiving a high degree of critical acclaim from both national press and radio quarters for his debut album, the pastoral singer-songwriterly Hoverance, Ralegh Long experienced something of personal negative reaction. Worn down by the demands of 'the biz' he considered calling things a day. Upwards Of Summer is, then, an album that nearly … [Read more...]

Richard Thompson – Acoustic Classics II

Whilst it was somewhat predictable that 2014’s Acoustic Classics would become than more a between-proper-albums stock-taking exercise for Richard Thompson, it seemed less likely that it would spawn a sequel set, let alone two, especially for someone still so prolific as a songwriter.  Yet here comes Acoustic Classics II, just ahead of the … [Read more...]

Reason Stendec – Impulsion EP

Whilst his main latter-day musical ensemble - the analogue-electronica evangelising Metamono - appears to be on hiatus, Jono Podmore (also of Kumo and Cyclopean) still has a few newer projects on the boil to keep himself from being idle.  Alongside campaigning to publish a biography-meets-drumming-theory-manual to honour the late great Can drummer … [Read more...]

Freddie Nelson – “Light”

Freddie Nelson just dropped his critically acclaimed album Shake The Cage earlier this July.  The Pittsburgh, PA native is not only a singer-songwriter and guitarist, but also a producer.  Nelson has made a name for himself in previous bands; the hard rock act Triple X and rock outfit Too Tall Jones.  He also collaborated with Paul Gilbert of Racer … [Read more...]

Roja – “Company” / “Bad Romance”

Hailing from Liverpool, England, Roja has found its niche in the sparsely filled mariachi-led music field.  Taking its cues from traditional Mexican compositions, Americana , and the renowned Ennio Morricone, Roja marches forward with a throwback sound. Roja recently released its double single that features an original song and a mariachi cover, … [Read more...]

Curanderos – self-tilted

Initially available on limited gold vinyl amidst this year’s Record Store Day releases avalanche, this debut - and possibly one-off - outing from Curanderos, was probably only picked-up by the most dedicated and cash-rich collector of all things psych-rock.  A super-side-project of sorts, the group captures the conjoining of Bardo Pond’s guitarist … [Read more...]

Secret Colours – Dream Dream

Finding what I needed to know about the creators of Dream Dream began ordinarily enough. Their band website has much in the way of media and photography, and a discography revealed that Dream Dream is in fact the fourth Secret Colours full-length release. Then the band statement which had much to say regarding Secret Colours' influences, a Chicago … [Read more...]

Les Techno – “Trophy Wife”

New York City's Les Techno, who specializes in satirical songwriting, takes a swipe at Ivanka Trump for being a trophy wife (and daughter) on his lyrically-stinging new single and matching music video.  “Trophy Wife” comes off of the artist’s recent EP Whatever Happened to Les Techno?, which was released this past May. The DIY artist plays all … [Read more...]