Friendly Faux – “Three Lefts”

Friendly Faux - Three Lefts

Ohio is very much the opposite of the desert valley wonderland of California and Arizona. Columbus based band Friendly Faux may not be looking to change that, but their song “Three Lefts” is more Blues for the Red Sun than Bee Thousand or The Big Come Up, to name some of Ohio’s more well-known acts. Coming from their recent EP of the same name, … [Read more...]

DulceSky – “Soul Vampire”

DulceSky - "Soul Vampire"

Long-running dream-rock band DulceSky, led by Oliver Valenzuela, made its mark with the albums Lands (2006) and Invisible Empire (2010) and returns with the winning single “Soul Vampire”.  The song’s lyrics may be spare and bleak, but Oliver’s vocals are lush and smooth and the sonics are propulsive.  “Soul Vampire” opens with tight and … [Read more...]

Parquet Courts – “Sunbathing Animal”

Parquet Courts - "Sunbathing Animal"

For many, the late 1980’s were a renaissance for punk in America, and SST stood as not just a record label, but a stamp of approval. Greg Ginn used the label to foster the growth of some of punk rock’s forefathers – Black Flag, Husker Du, Meat Puppets, even Sonic Youth got their start on the raucous label. Unlike many other genres that saw their … [Read more...]

Calling All Astronauts – “It Could Have Been Lust”

Calling All Astronauts - "It Could Have Been Lust"

“It Could Have Been Lust,” the sixth and final single for Calling All Astronauts' 2013 debut Post-Modern Conspiracy is a fitting end to the life cycle of the band’s introductory LP. In comparison to most of the songs from that album, which abruptly begin and end with a similar fit of guitar riffs, drums and keyboards, “It Could Have Been Lust” … [Read more...]

Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks – “Little Fang”

Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks - “Little Fang”

It seems appropriate that Avey Tare’s (aka David Portner) new band is named Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks. The horror film motif fits their murky and somewhat grotesque sound, and promotional images project the band wearing masks and shining knives at the cameras. But, the name also describe the place Tare’s main project, Animal Collective, has in … [Read more...]

Swans – “A Little God in Our Hands”

Swans - "A Little God in Our Hands"

Coming off of the primal and anthemic sounds of The Seer, I expected Swans' “A Little God in Our Hands,” from their upcoming LP To Be Kind, to begin much the same way most of their post reunion-era work has. Between “Lunacy” and “No Words/ No Thoughts,” I expected bells, chanting, the sounds of a band building a temple of noise and discord ready to … [Read more...]

Perfect Pussy – “Interference Fits”

Perfect Pussy - "Interference Fits"

Syracuse noise-punks Perfect Pussy seemingly emerged out of nowhere in the fall of 2013 with a great demo (I have lost all desire for feeling) that featured an utterly amazing track ("I") which perfectly encapsulated what made this band so interesting. Sure, the distortion and two-minute rushes of adrenaline easily connected them to their mosh-pit … [Read more...]

Hurrah! A Bolt of Light – Self-titled

Hurrah! A Bolt of Light!

The members of Hurrah! A Bolt of Light! dragged themselves from their native New York to the other side of the country in LA to record their self-titled full-length album with John Fields, producer of artists the likes of P!nk, Switchfoot and The Presets, and the result is a polished record full of dance worthy hooks. "I Sold My Soul", a … [Read more...]

Blow Up Hollywood – “Shine”

Blow Up Hollywood - Blue Sky Blond

As of January, New York Art-Rockers Blow Up Hollywood have released their eighth album Blue Sky Blond. Though the band has previously shown a lot of dark wave influences they have steered clear of the genre this time and managed to make an album that is more uplifting though nonetheless emotionally captivating. While most of the songs, like “Throw … [Read more...]

Bombay Bicycle Club – “Luna”

So Long, See You Tomorrow

With their fourth album So Long, See You Tomorrow just released, London based quartet Bombay Bicycle Club has put out three singles over the course of the last month. “Luna” is the third and the last one to be revealed before the official album release. “Luna” starts with a very afro-pop like percussion, reminiscent of other bands such as Vampire … [Read more...]