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We Were Promised Jetpacks – Unravelling


One thing that happens in the music industry with some regularity is that bands tend to release albums in the autumn, rather than in the summer months. Looking over the half dozen or so upcoming releases presently occupying my in tray and wondering which of these I wanted to write about I picked on Unravelling despite its release not happening … [Read more...]

Richard Thompson – Acoustic Classics

Richard Thompson - Acoustic Classics

Despite the fact Richard Thompson has claimed that this new collection of fourteen acoustically-re-rendered old songs was cut primarily to cater for fresh-converts looking for a simple selection to pick up from his live show merch table - a point reinforced by the cheap tour-CD-like packaging - it’s hard to not suspect that there were other … [Read more...]

Loudon Wainwright III – Haven’t Got The Blues (Yet)

Loudon Wainwright III - Haven’t Got The Blues (Yet)

Having contemplated his own mortality and superannuated status on 2012’s guest-filled Older Than My Old Man Now, with heavy dollops of his trademark wit and special knack for pathos, Loudon Wainwright III still seems far away from packing-away his guitar and putting his feet up as he returns with Haven’t Got The Blues (Yet).  Turning down the … [Read more...]

Silver Servants – self-titled

Silver Servants - self-titled

The collection of artists that have made up the Second Language roster since the label’s inception in 2009 have never shied away from collaboration or exploring shared ideas, whether it be through a myriad of themed compilations or via the direct intermingling of musicians across separate albums.  This new - but long-in-the-works - project takes … [Read more...]

Panopticon – Roads to the North

Panopticon - Roads to the North

Panopticon have garnered quite a lot of praise in the metal underground as of late and with just cause.  Kentucky, which was released in 2012, seemed to propel the band to a cult-like status, with their blend of atmospheric black metal and folk music.  Roads to the North on Bindrune is the latest from Austin Lunn and his astounding array of guest … [Read more...]

Paul Weller – More Modern Classics

Paul Weller - More Modern Classics

Sifting through reviews that attempt to categorize Paul Weller’s More Modern Classics, released on Harvest Records  (2014), and halted by jeers from reader receptions that run something like  “this load of waffle left me fucking clueless" and  “stop this pile of piffle and tell us what we'll get for our hard-earned", I do feel pressure to get it … [Read more...]

Wormwood – Microdot


The only thing I don't quite get about Wormwood is their name. Their music delves into various strands of electronica, into TripHop, Ambient and Dub and while I won't go on about it "wormwood" , whichever meaning of the word the Canadian duo decided is the most accurate for them, suggests something much darker and gloomy than the actual music on … [Read more...]

Great Mutations – Cheap Stuff


Looking over band sites and publicity for a while now, I often wondered what happened to the music video. It seemed as if a lot of bands I was hearing about either didn't think promoting any videos they had made was worth the effort or they hadn't actually made any that they felt worthy of sharing with their public audience. So when the Cheap Stuff … [Read more...]

Glen Johnson – Same Sex

Glen Johnson - Same Sex

Although there was a certain degree of sadness attached to the dissolution of Piano Magic - informally announced around the release of last summer’s excellent Heart Machinery rarities anthology - the knowledge that many of the main group members would carry on with other projects has been both reassuring and tantalising.  Hence, co-singer Angèle … [Read more...]

Land Observations – The Grand Tour

Land Observations - The Grand Tour

James Brooks’ first album as Land Observations - 2012’s Roman Roads IV – XI - was a quiet revelation with its inventive melding of minimalism and pyschogeography.  In approaching this sequel, Brooks has more challenges and expectations to meet in retaining the balmy intimacy of his layered solo electric guitar soundscapes whilst moving the one-man … [Read more...]