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Radian Versus Howe Gelb

Radian Versus Howe Gelb

Despite decades of ceaseless collaboration and rampant genre-hopping, Giant Sand’s free-thinking Howe Gelb has only flirted with but never consummated a relationship with electronica.  Perhaps given his self-projected ambassadorial role for the organically-grown corners of the music world, allowing his wares to be synthetically augmented and … [Read more...]

Jack Name – Weird Moons


Every now and again I get an album that I like and dislike in equal proportions without really being able to put my finger on exactly why it has had that sort of affect on me. I've had that kind of reaction about a Swans album, about music by more mainstream people like Robbie Williams and Pulp, about electronica by Orbital, Underworld and others, … [Read more...]

Lazarus Clamp – The Bird Is Not The Metaphor

Lazarus Clamp - The Bird Is Not The Metaphor

Since originally surfacing in the mid-to-late ‘90s, Lazarus Clamp’s wares have regularly been filed alongside the likes of Billy Mahonie, Appliance and Mogwai, as part of the British response to the pioneering US post-rock boom of the early-‘90s.  Yet whilst it’s true that the band - led by the indomitable Michael Larkin - has never shied away from … [Read more...]

Ellis Island Sound – Divisions

Ellis Island Sound - Divisions

Having made us wait the best part of seven years between 2007’s The Good Seed and 2014’s Regions, it’s somewhat remarkable - but entirely welcome - that another Ellis Island Sound release should reach us so soon in the form of this seven-track mini-album.  Although featuring material chiselled during the same sessions as the well-carved Regions … [Read more...]

Spectres – Dying

Spectres - Dying

The Barnstaple-born but firmly now Bristol-based Spectres have followed a satisfyingly old school career path to date; choosing to grow at a healthy organic pace through a string of collectible short-form releases (predominantly on the self-built Howling Owl label) and relentless gigging (with the likes of The Vacant Lots, Lorelle Meets The … [Read more...]

Emmy The Great – S ep


It is almost seven years since I first heard Emmy The Great, on a compilation from the Something In Construction label, and in a world that is sometimes full of women with guitars and not a lot else, Emmy's newest release is as resonant and memorable as I thought 'Gabriel' was in 2008. Each of its four tracks shows a separate facet of Emmy's music, … [Read more...]

Arc Waves – Arc Waves (EP)

Arc Waves - Arc Waves (EP)

Arc Waves is a puzzler. I'm enthusiastic about it, but this project band misfires. My ear is drawn toward the classically styled vocals of Elaine Lachica. And how this EP works is the vanilla-canvas rhythm section and heavy, heavy reverb on the guitar create space in which the vocal paints light and shadow, clouds and ash. Arc Waves is … [Read more...]

Noveller – Fantastic Planet

Noveller - Fantastic Planet

Since her 2009 solo debut Paint On The Shadows, under her Noveller nom de plume, Sarah Lipstate has cut a prolific run of releases for a range of labels (such as No Fun Productions, Important Records and her own Saffron Recordings), toured with many mentors and fellow-travellers (like Glenn Kotche, Aidan Baker and St. Vincent), alternated between … [Read more...]

Astpai – Burden Calls

Astpai - Burden Calls

The energy is consistent on Burden Calls, but the songs bounce between revitalized rock 'n' roll and rote. Half of the album frays the punk-pop tradition of snots singing about boredom and disenchantment. Yet, on the whole, there's no doubting Astpai's professionalism; this is a focused album with limited filler, often capturing the energy of a … [Read more...]

Wreckless Eric – Wreckless Eric Presents: The Hitsville Houseband ’12 O’clock Stereo’ (reissue)

Wreckless Eric - Wreckless Eric Presents The Hitsville Houseband '12 O'Clock stereo'

The return and reinstatement of Eric Goulden’s place in musical history has certainly been one of the most heart-warming occurrences of the last year or so.  With a raft of touring, radio sessions and well-curated reissues of four criminally displaced albums bearing his authorship (two from The Len Bright Combo and two under his Wreckless Eric … [Read more...]