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The Monochrome Set – Spaces Everywhere


You probably haven't ever heard of The Monochrome Set. Formed in north London in around 1978, their first single "He's Frank" was released on Rough Trade in 1979 and throughout the first half of the 1980s they maintained a respectful distance from the onslaught of trends afflicting indie music throughout that time. Given that their earliest … [Read more...]

Atlas Losing Grip – Currents

Atlas Losing Grip - Currents

Opening her new album, Vulnicura, Björk chimes, "I have emotional needs." With that, she taps into raw, personal truths. She also makes a great argument for listening to Slayer or any band that would dismiss those lyrics as gross self-preoccupation. But Atlas Losing Grip's new album just about tops Björk. Self-diagnoses abound in Currents. This … [Read more...]

Deep Distance 10″ x 3 (Rhododendron, Bosques & Slows)

Deep Distance 10" x 3

Birthed in 2011 as a lower-key sibling of The Great Pop Supplement, for owner/curator Dom Martin to more fully indulge his self-confessed penchant for the “motorik kraut groove,” the Deep Distance label has fast become an enlightening and expansive outlet in own right.  Putting out top-notch wares from the likes of Colin Potter, Melodien, Karen … [Read more...]

Bob Marley & The Wailers – Easy Skanking In Boston ’78


2015 is the 70th anniversary of the birth of Bob Marley and as part of a number of events scheduled to celebrate the life of Jamaica's greatest musician, The House Of Marley - which handles his significant legacy - is releasing a 13-track album recorded on The Wailers' US tour in 1978. There are already four other live Marley albums, two of which … [Read more...]

The Juliana Hatfield Three – Whatever, My Love

The Juliana Hatfield Three - Whatever My Love

With a wave of younger bands - everyone from Alvvays to Yuck - exploring a lust for early-‘90s indie-rock idioms, it’s perhaps only fair that some of the original veterans should get a slice of the retro action.  Yet few probably predicated a return for The Juliana Hatfield Three; especially given that the trio released only one album (1993’s … [Read more...]

Desolate Shrine – The Heart of the Netherworld

Desolate Shrine - The Heart of the Netherworld

Abandon all hope ye who shall enter the Desolate Shrine... This should be a disclaimer on the packaging of The Heart of the Netherworld from Dark Descent Records.  If grim, bleak Finnish death metal with hints of black is what you seek then look no further. So you already know that this is going to be dark, now might I add it is heavier than a … [Read more...]

Last Harbour – Caul

Last Harbour - Caul

Although it’s been around three years since Last Harbour’s last studio LP, the group has remained visible and active in-between times, together and apart.  With a series of archival download sets and co-founders David Armes and Kev Craig unveiling a masterful moonlighting album as A.R.C. Soundtracks, the world hasn’t been starved of Last … [Read more...]

Radian Versus Howe Gelb

Radian Versus Howe Gelb

Despite decades of ceaseless collaboration and rampant genre-hopping, Giant Sand’s free-thinking Howe Gelb has only flirted with but never consummated a relationship with electronica.  Perhaps given his self-projected ambassadorial role for the organically-grown corners of the music world, allowing his wares to be synthetically augmented and … [Read more...]

Jack Name – Weird Moons


Every now and again I get an album that I like and dislike in equal proportions without really being able to put my finger on exactly why it has had that sort of affect on me. I've had that kind of reaction about a Swans album, about music by more mainstream people like Robbie Williams and Pulp, about electronica by Orbital, Underworld and others, … [Read more...]

Lazarus Clamp – The Bird Is Not The Metaphor

Lazarus Clamp - The Bird Is Not The Metaphor

Since originally surfacing in the mid-to-late ‘90s, Lazarus Clamp’s wares have regularly been filed alongside the likes of Billy Mahonie, Appliance and Mogwai, as part of the British response to the pioneering US post-rock boom of the early-‘90s.  Yet whilst it’s true that the band - led by the indomitable Michael Larkin - has never shied away from … [Read more...]