Bearfoot Beware – World Owes You Nowt

world owes you nowt

The first time I listened to Bearfoot Beware’s debut album World Owes You Nowt, I got a sinking feeling. Not because I didn’t like it — on the contrary, I felt discouraged because I knew that this was the kind of album that demands multiple listens to be fully appreciated. It’s the kind of complex, multi-layered album that you want to get to know … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Burn Rubber City, Burn! Punk And The Decline Of The Mid-West 1975-80


Whatever way you look at it, 1978 was a very long time ago. And if three years is just a long time, then consider exactly what amount of musical ferment was taking place in and around the Ohio city of Akron, between the first live shows of some of the bands featured on this compilation from Soul Jazz records - The Bizarros, Chi Pig, Tin Huey and … [Read more...]

Artists On Albums: AOA#43 (Keiron Phelan on The Psychomodo)

Cockney Rebel - The Psychomodo

Keiron Phelan on… Cockney Rebel’s The Psychomodo (EMI, 1974) There was always something gloriously ‘wrong’ about (the first incarnation of) Cockney Rebel. Like a misbegotten romance between a kohl-eyed hippie chick and a suedehead, Rebel existed in a world of musical contradictions and unlikelihood. Their flint eyed, silver haired, bowler … [Read more...]

The Black Clouds – “Photograph”

The Black Clouds - live

The Black Clouds is an indie rock band from Central New Jersey that formed in late 2004 and has maintained its DIY ethic all along.  Band members Dan Matthews (guitarist, vocalist), Neil Hayes (guitarist), Gary Moses (bassist), and Cory King (drummer) have self-produced, recorded, and funded their previous two albums, 2008’s Wishing Well and Better … [Read more...]

Mark Maze – Uncomfortable Truths

Mark Maze - Uncomfortable Truths

Self-described ‘urban electric pop’ singer-songwriter Mark Maze grew up in a rough neighborhood on the fringes of Leicester, England, and his experiences there spurred him to focus on bettering his life.  He was influenced by artists who pushed the idea that anything was possible and, holding onto that idea, he joined a 6-member R’n’B vocal group … [Read more...]

Gazer – Fake Bulbs EP

Gazer - Fake Bulbs

Don't let the rough finish on this EP deceive you. Fake Bulbs is a finely constructed piece of noisy rock n' roll. Gazer, a prickly, nimble rock band out of Cincinnati, Ohio, sounds like a more aggressive version of Devo crossed with a developing Young Widows or The Jesus Lizard. With flashes of punk and a hefty dose of art noise, many of these … [Read more...]

The Wave Pictures – Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon

The Wave Pictures - Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon

Since forming in Wymeswold, Leicestershire in 1998, The Wave Pictures have promiscuously swapped labels and collaborating artists, whilst genre-hopping all along the way, to the extent that it feels hard for a newcomer to pin them down easily.  With this is mind, joining up with eccentric garage-rock purist Billy Childish feels like both a logical … [Read more...]

Whale Fall – “The Dawn Thief”

Whale Fall - "The Dawn Thief"

Whale Fall, the instrumental post-rock band from L.A., California, is set to release its sophomore opus, The Madrean, this spring and the cinematic atmosphere that emanates from this album evokes the grandeur of the panoramic landscapes of the Madrean, a region that exists between the southwest of the U.S. and the northwest of Mexico.  It’s a vast … [Read more...]

Slutever – Almost Famous


The question I mull over while listening to Slutever’s latest release, Almost Famous, is this: how is it possible for music to be so snotty, and yet so gorgeous? I always have this reaction to Slutever. They’re bratty and raw. There’s plenty of crunchy, fuzzy guitar. Yet at the same time, the reverb-soaked feedback that hangs over every track … [Read more...]

Maud The Moth – The Inner Wastelands


One glance at the CD sleeve of The Inner Wastelands, the second album from this Spanish-born musician, could lead the viewer to expect all manner of strangeness contained within. Certainly, its title seems to belong to a quite different record than the poised, musically complex and less quirky than you might expect album that it is. Which isn't to … [Read more...]