High The Moon – Doze

Today, music finds its way to listeners in an ever-increasing number of forms. You would think almost everyone would have got used to the idea that the internet is a place where everyone and anyone can make their presence known, in larger or smaller ways and indeed, I nowadays rarely consider the fact that I can communicate almost effortlessly with … [Read more...]

The Palace Of Light – Beginning Here & Travelling Outward (reissue)

Having delivered a no-frills yet solid reissue in 2013 of Wish I Was, the one-off 1993 album from late-‘60s/early-‘70s Elektra Record enthusiasts Mabel Joy, it was only a matter time before Spain’s Hanky Panky Records commissioned archival curation of the British group’s earlier incarnation as The Palace Of Light.  So now arrives an expanded … [Read more...]

Hajk – Hajk

"I'm gonna let you come to me," Sigrid Aase sings on Hajk's opening track. And I did. Aase's confident declarative on "Magazine" introduces this self-titled debut — a fresh, welcoming blend of indie-pop — much of which you will find irresistible. The next song, "Nothing Left To Say," features vocalist-guitarist Preben Sælid Andersen. The energy … [Read more...]

Ralegh Long – Upwards Of Summer

Despite receiving a high degree of critical acclaim from both national press and radio quarters for his debut album, the pastoral singer-songwriterly Hoverance, Ralegh Long experienced something of personal negative reaction. Worn down by the demands of 'the biz' he considered calling things a day. Upwards Of Summer is, then, an album that nearly … [Read more...]

Richard Thompson – Acoustic Classics II

Whilst it was somewhat predictable that 2014’s Acoustic Classics would become than more a between-proper-albums stock-taking exercise for Richard Thompson, it seemed less likely that it would spawn a sequel set, let alone two, especially for someone still so prolific as a songwriter.  Yet here comes Acoustic Classics II, just ahead of the … [Read more...]

Reason Stendec – Impulsion EP

Whilst his main latter-day musical ensemble - the analogue-electronica evangelising Metamono - appears to be on hiatus, Jono Podmore (also of Kumo and Cyclopean) still has a few newer projects on the boil to keep himself from being idle.  Alongside campaigning to publish a biography-meets-drumming-theory-manual to honour the late great Can drummer … [Read more...]

Freddie Nelson – “Light”

Freddie Nelson just dropped his critically acclaimed album Shake The Cage earlier this July.  The Pittsburgh, PA native is not only a singer-songwriter and guitarist, but also a producer.  Nelson has made a name for himself in previous bands; the hard rock act Triple X and rock outfit Too Tall Jones.  He also collaborated with Paul Gilbert of Racer … [Read more...]

Roja – “Company” / “Bad Romance”

Hailing from Liverpool, England, Roja has found its niche in the sparsely filled mariachi-led music field.  Taking its cues from traditional Mexican compositions, Americana , and the renowned Ennio Morricone, Roja marches forward with a throwback sound. Roja recently released its double single that features an original song and a mariachi cover, … [Read more...]

Curanderos – self-tilted

Initially available on limited gold vinyl amidst this year’s Record Store Day releases avalanche, this debut - and possibly one-off - outing from Curanderos, was probably only picked-up by the most dedicated and cash-rich collector of all things psych-rock.  A super-side-project of sorts, the group captures the conjoining of Bardo Pond’s guitarist … [Read more...]

Secret Colours – Dream Dream

Finding what I needed to know about the creators of Dream Dream began ordinarily enough. Their band website has much in the way of media and photography, and a discography revealed that Dream Dream is in fact the fourth Secret Colours full-length release. Then the band statement which had much to say regarding Secret Colours' influences, a Chicago … [Read more...]