Stanley Brinks And The Wave Pictures – My Ass

Stanley Brinks And The Wave Pictures - My Ass

The conjoining of Stanley Brinks (AKA André Herman Düne) and The Wave Pictures may not seem that tantalising on paper, with the former’s whimsical and borderline-twee journeying seemingly an ill-fitting foil for the latter’s retro-inclined garage-pop.  Yet surprisingly, the two camps bring out the best in each other, as last year’s Gin LP … [Read more...]

VLY – I / (Time)

VLY - I / (Time)

I / (Time) is the debut album by a diverse collective spread across the Atlantic Ocean. I hear spacious arrangements; I hear solid musicianship; I hear off-kilter chord progressions; but mostly I hear a band for which I am obviously not the audience. The members of VLY have long, anonymous résumés and also belong to outfits that include the … [Read more...]

Tullia Benedicta – Anteros

Tullia Benedicta - Anteros

Although never a label to discourage the collaborative tangling of its artists and their shared musical influences, the Italian-born and now London-based Tullia Benedicta is perhaps the first younger artist to be openly inspired by the work of Second Language's co-founder Glen Johnson and his work leading Piano Magic.  Previously a member of … [Read more...]

The Virgance – Paradigm 3


In July of this year, when I was reviewing a compilation of new music by Shoegaze bands (The Revolution: The Shoegaze Revival album) I noticed a distinctive variation of approach towards the music, with the Traditionalists recreating the sounds of those bands recognised as the most influential (among them Slowdive, Ride, Cocteau Twins and MBV) and … [Read more...]

Madison – Wonderland EP

Madison - Wonderland EP

Delightful dance-pop darling Madison shines brightly on her latest captivating EP titled Wonderland.  The NYC-based but globe-trotting singer-songwriter has a total of four catchy, upbeat EPs to her name, including the 5-track Wonderland which arrived in late-July.  Madison adds heaps of pizzazz to the overcrowded electro-pop dancefloor and she … [Read more...]

Blank Realm – Illegals In Heaven

Blank Realm - Illegals In Heaven

The evolution of Brisbane’s Blank Realm from embryonic psyche-rockers to power-pop chameleons over the last five years has been one of most gratifying artistic success stories of the revived Australian independent music scene.  Building on the cocoon-shedding diversity of the lo-fi Deja What? (2010), the frenetic full-flight precision of Go Easy … [Read more...]

Philip Polk Palmer – Here In The Deadlights


I nearly got this review very wrong. For about a week I had it filed as Here In The Headlights, a result of my basically not reading the title properly but also, I decided, a result of Philip Polk Palmer's own brand of wordplay tricking me into the sort of mistake I always think I'm too experienced to fall foul of. Everyone knows what headlights … [Read more...]

Offthesky – The Serpent Phase

Offthesky - The Serpent Phase

The Denver-based experimental sound artist Jason Corder (AKA Offthesky) has, over the last fifteen years, released no less than fifty albums. This presents any but the most Offthesky dedicated reviewer with something of a conundrum. Whereas any release that is separated from its predecessors by (say) eighteen months can sensibly be regarded as a … [Read more...]

Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips – Mistress America OST

Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips - Mistress America OST

Together and apart, Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips are certainly not averse to supplying their multiple talents to the filmic work of writer/director Noah Baumbach; most notably with original score contributions to 2005’s The Squid & The Whale and acting cameos in 2012’s Frances Ha.  The couple’s latest collaboration with Baumbach, takes the … [Read more...]

Short Takes (Totally Mild, Patti Yang, Ben Lorentzen & Kiravell)

Totally Mild - Down Time

Totally Mild – “When I’m Tired” Australia keeps knocking out winners, this time in the form of the Melbourne-based four-piece Totally Mild which consists of lead singer and guitarist Elizabeth Mitchell, lead guitarist Zachary Schneider, bassist Lehmann Smith, and drummer Ashley Bundang.  Elizabeth started Totally Mild as a solo project, but it … [Read more...]