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Billy Idol – Kings and Queens of the Underground


There isn't any getting away from it. 1977 was a cultural watershed year for music and, now approaching four decades on from the first appearances of the Sex Pistols, Clash, the Slits, Siouxsie & The Banshees and a host of other less well remembered bands, the whole UK punk thing remains spoken of as if it were the actual end of music history, … [Read more...]

The Chills – The BBC Sessions

The Chills - The BBC Sessions

Although we’re still waiting for a new studio LP and a desperately-needed album catalogue overhaul, 2014 has nevertheless been a great year for The Chills’ incremental comeback campaign.  With rapturously received live shows, the majestic Molten Gold 7” and a reissue of 2004’s Stand By EP, Martin Phillipps’ breadcrumb trail return from the … [Read more...]

Winterfylleth – The Divination of Antiquity

Winterfylleth - The Divination of Antiquity

It seems only natural that over time particular genres of music may decay into obscurity.  With black metal, how many times can you hear the same blast beat before you are rendered unconscious?  Every now and then bands will emerge that can keep your interest peaked and provide something extra.  Enter  Winterfylleth from the UK with their newest … [Read more...]

The Young – Chrome Cactus


I had the immense privilege to review The Young’s 2012 full-length release, Dub Egg. This Austin, TX quartet thrives on rock and roll. It’s sewn into their very fiber. Their newest release, Chrome Cactus was released August 26th 2014 via Matador Records. Adaptable yet precocious, the fuzzy vocals of singer Hans Zimmerman naysay against the … [Read more...]

Silver Apples – “Missin You” (demo) b/w “Oscillations” (live) 7″

Silver Apples - "Missin You" (demo) b/w "Oscillations" (live) 7"

With another substantial Silver Apples European tour in motion at time of writing and the news that a studio album is finally in the pipeline to appear sometime in 2015 (the first ‘proper’ LP from the now one-man enterprise since 1997’s Steve Albini-recorded Beacon no less), Simeon Coxe ushers out another interim 7” single on the ever-loyal … [Read more...]

Exit Verse – self-titled

Exit Verse - self-titled

Since the 2005 dissolution of post-rock lynchpins Karate singer-guitarist Geoff Farina has ploughed far more bucolic furrows with the bookish pastoral-pop of Glorytellers, as part of a rustic covers-centric duo with Chris Brokaw and as a solo troubadour.  However, after a recent brief stint in Chicago punk-improv outfit Bando, Farina has … [Read more...]

September Girls – Veneer


After reading the assorted publicity handouts for September Girls and their first release, I had a few expectations about how it would sound and also exactly what my reaction to it would be. The all female Dublin based five piece isn't the first band I've found other commentators making comparisons with My Bloody Valentine, the JAMC and Spacemen 3, … [Read more...]

Last Harbour – After The Flatlands

Last Harbour - After The Flatlands

Along with news that a new album is in the works for arrival in 2015 comes the launch of a Last Harbour archive series - via Bandcamp - to help raise funds for imminent record-releasing costs.  Whilst two simultaneously-appearing digital-only live recordings of Manchester shows from 2009 and 2012 provide good quality examples of the group’s better … [Read more...]

Ormonde – Cartographer/Explorer


I listened to Cartographer/Explorer and wondered about exactly how I could write about it. Most of the albums I hear and that I write about lend themselves easily to a review article, but Ormonde have given me something to think about with this release. Right from the first minute or so of opening track "Beach" it's obvious that Robert Gomez and … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Psych For Sore Eyes 2

Various Artists - Psych For Sore Eyes 2

It’s been a richly productive and transformative year for Sonic Cathedral.  No longer just an ostensible outpost for those who never forgave Ride for Carnival Of Light or those that kept the faith to enable this year’s Slowdive reunion, the label has broadened its horizons to take in the self-rejuvenating solo works of Luna’s Dean Wareham, the … [Read more...]