Magnetic Ghost – Loss Molecules

Out of the great open spaces of the Midwest comes Magnetic Ghost, the Minneapolis, Minnesota-based project of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Andy Larson.  In the tradition of hypnotizing lo-fi acts like Low and Flying Saucer Attack, Magnetic Ghost haunts the senses with droning, expansive, and looming compositions that veer from quiet … [Read more...]

Pete Astor – Do Nothing EP

Having already delivered a pseudo back-to-basics LP earlier this year, in the form of the largely satisfying if slightly undemonstrative Split Milk - for the sadly soon-to-dissolve Fortuna Pop! label - polymath Pete Astor returns relatively swiftly with a postscript-like one-off 7” through the obscure Feral Child Recordings imprint.  Once again … [Read more...]

Marco Benevento – The Story of Fred Short

The Story of Fred Short is Marco Benevento’s newest release on his own label The Royal Potato Family.   I’m not sure I would understand Marco’s music as well if I had not heard him perform live a while ago at The Stone Pony in New Jersey. I’ve been trying to catch another live show ever since.  He 'plays' his computer and keyboard along with his … [Read more...]

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Skeleton Tree

It would be too easy to expect more from Skeleton Tree than it actually contains. What with the accompanying documentary film, plus the added reporting of his recent personal difficulties, the sixteenth album Nick Cave has made along with The Bad Seeds inevitably appears cloaked in some very gothic drapery indeed. The accidental death, during the … [Read more...]

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – Balance / The Early Years – II

Forever upholding the congregational faith for the latterly vindicated and reinvigorated sounds of vintage shoegaze, krautrock and noise-rock during its existence to date, London’s Sonic Cathedral label has overcome plenty of ups and downs (notably a devastating distributor warehouse fire and pressing-plant congestion battles) to keep its leading … [Read more...]

Annie Ellicott – Lonesome Goldmine

For the last five years Tulsa’s own Mark Kuykendall, musician, producer and filmmaker, has overseen a stream of consistently high quality and highly varied ambient/electronica releases on the delightfully below the radar Unknown Tone Records. The Oklahoma polymath’s recent meeting with adept jazz singer, Annie Ellicott, has led to something of a … [Read more...]

Simon Benegas – Feel It Grow EP

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, the New York-based Simon Benegas will be kicking off his first North American tour this fall in support of his two indie-folk EPs, The Age of Simple and Feel It Grow.  While Benegas has already toured his native country, he is eager to showcase his engaging music around the world. Benegas attended the … [Read more...]

Faten Kanaan – The Botanist And The Archaeologist

With a few notable exceptions - like The Detox Twins and Groupuscule - Polytechnic Youth’s curation of neo-primitive and minimal wave synth-driven explorations has until now relied heavily on male boffins.  Even though there’s nothing intrinsically problematic with this state of affairs given the high-quality produce being delivered, it’s good to … [Read more...]

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding – Mid Thirties Single Scene

Having convincingly refocused his songwriting skills on the surprisingly fulfilling Delivered EP earlier this summer, Melbourne's Craig Dermody returns again already leading his empathetic troupe on the first Scott & Charlene’s Wedding long-player album since 2013’s somewhat inconsistent Any Port In A Storm.  Pleasingly, Dermody seems to have … [Read more...]

Sluka – Introversions

Sluka is the alias of one Christopher Sluka, a San Diego-based singer-songwriter (and visual artist) who has recorded 10 studio albums and amassed a devoted fanbase around the world.  Sluka released his latest album, Introversions, at the beginning of this year, but is currently following it up with a string of music videos; one for each of the … [Read more...]