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The Real Tuesday Weld – Happy Hatter Christmas EP

The Real Tuesday Weld - Happy Hatter Christmas EP

Although 2011’s The Last Werewolf  was the last bona fide album-sized set from The Real Tuesday Weld, Stephen Coates hasn’t been idle or reclusive since it appeared.  Collaborations with Lazarus And The Plane Crash (for 2012’s Horseplay LP) and The Age Of Not Believing (inside 2013’s Lantern Waste EP), multi-media expansion of his Antique Beat … [Read more...]

When Cities Sleep – What Lies Lay Between Us

When Cities Sleep - What Lies Lay Between Us

On first listen, my gut said this is an over-produced mess. And, yes, the five-piece band named When Cities Sleep throws a lot at you with the eight songs on What Lies Lay Between Us, but parts of the album's production demonstrate fine attention to detail. For example, on track 4, "Life And Lies," the synth accompaniment to the guitar during the … [Read more...]

Howard Eynon – So What If Im Standing In Apricot Jam (reissue)

Howard Eynon - So What If Im Standing in Apricot Jam (reissue)

Having assuredly delivered a back-to-basics reissue of Jackson C Frank’s only official studio long-player earlier this year, Fire’s still nascent archivist imprint Earth Recordings digs a fair bit deeper with this second choice addition to the label's catalogue.  Originally released as a 1970s Australian private-press curio, this sole album from … [Read more...]

Anawan – s/t


Two things that you should know about Anawan are that they were previously known as the Trevor Wilson Vocal Ensemble and that their profoundly DIY ethos has extended to making all of their promotional material and album sleeves by hand, and their social media presence is a minimal one. This approach doesn't always work in a band's favour, although … [Read more...]

The Afghan Whigs – Gentlemen (deluxe reissue)

The Afghan Whigs - Gentleman (deluxe reissue)

Although the jury is still out for some long-time fans on the merits of The Afghan Whigs’ official comeback album, Do To The Beast, released earlier this year, there is little doubt that the discography of the band’s previous lifespan has been in need of some deluxe reupholstering and reappraisal.  Whilst it might have made more sense to start with … [Read more...]

The Asteroid No. 4 – s/t


This, as far as I can make out, is the Asteroid No. 4's eighth album. Since their formation in 1998 the now San Francisco based band has made it their mission to reconfigure and reinterpret for a contemporary audience music and ideas that now belong to a world of five decades previously, the full blown lysergic commandments of the first wave of … [Read more...]

Ghostwriter w/Michael Paine – Morrow

Ghostwriter - Morrow

Having carved himself an inventive niche under his Ghostwriter guise with 2010’s The Continuing Adventures Of The Strange Sound Association album and 2013’s Dimensions EP, Mark Brend (erstwhile member of Mabel Joy, The Palace Of Light, Farina and Strange Sounds Orchestra) returns again with a new label, a slightly wider cast of contributors and a … [Read more...]

Hombre Malo – Persistent Murmur of Words of Wrath

Hombre Malo - Persistent Murmur of Words of Wrath

That's Oslo-based four-piece Hombre Malo rattling the windows with “Persistent Murmur of Words of Wrath.” The seven songs on this band's sophomore album plunge forward with the grunge-inflected insistence of The Melvins channeled through the pummeling modus operandi of Unsane. Their music is sludgy, abrasive, and satisfyingly good. The first … [Read more...]

Billy Idol – Kings and Queens of the Underground


There isn't any getting away from it. 1977 was a cultural watershed year for music and, now approaching four decades on from the first appearances of the Sex Pistols, Clash, the Slits, Siouxsie & The Banshees and a host of other less well remembered bands, the whole UK punk thing remains spoken of as if it were the actual end of music history, … [Read more...]

The Chills – The BBC Sessions

The Chills - The BBC Sessions

Although we’re still waiting for a new studio LP and a desperately-needed album catalogue overhaul, 2014 has nevertheless been a great year for The Chills’ incremental comeback campaign.  With rapturously received live shows, the majestic Molten Gold 7” and a reissue of 2004’s Stand By EP, Martin Phillipps’ breadcrumb trail return from the … [Read more...]