Scott Krokoff – Realizations & Declarations, Vol. 2 EP

Scott Krokoff - Realizations & Declarations Vol. 2

NYC-based singer-songwriter Scott Krokoff has been balancing the daily grind with the artistic life since the 1990s when he was a member of the band Equinox.  Four albums later, he decided to go solo in the noughties, juggling raising a family and working 9-to-5 with pursuing his musical dream.  His debut album, A Better Life, came out in 2007 and … [Read more...]

Flesh World – The Wild Animals In My Life

wild animals

Flesh World is what happens when Jess Scott of Brilliant Colors and Scott Moore of Limp Wrist join forces. On The Wild Animals in My Life, their influences of indie-pop and queercore meet and collide. Released on Iron Lung, it’s their full length debut, and it’s garnering a lot of deserved attention. Wild Animals is one of those records that … [Read more...]

Far Beyond The Sunrise – S/T EP

Far Beyond the Sunrise (s/t)

Far Beyond The Sunrise released its full-length album, Oppressor, in 2014. Now comes a self-titled five-track EP from the band. This Bellmawr, New Jersey five-piece band play big-money metalcore. Far Beyond The Sunrise has high production values. Kick drums punctuate all five songs in thick, black ink. The crisp guitar distortion on the low end … [Read more...]

Robin Guthrie & Mark Gardener – Universal Road

Picture 5

There will be very few indie music fans that haven't ever heard the names of Robin Guthrie and Mark Gardener, and practically none that are unaware of either the Cocteau Twins or Ride; two bands whose influences continue to shape the entire shoegaze/dreampop/scene that continues to celebrate itself that has so many aficionados throughout the … [Read more...]

Bert Jansch – Live At The 12 Bar

Bert Jansch - Live At The 12 Bar

Since early-2014 Earth Recordings has followed a mixture of directions in establishing itself as a more boutique-shaped London answer to the likes of Light In The Attic, Rhino Handmade and Omnivore; shifting between a bare-bones reissue of Jackson C. Frank’s eponymous 1965 LP, a reupholstering of the sole album from Antipodean acid-folker Howard … [Read more...]

Anne Garner – Be Life

Anne Garner - Portrait Be Life

Anne Garner’s new album Be Life announces itself, on opening song "Your Name" with all the grace and emotional depth of a Schubert Lieder. An elegantly understated, electronically treated, piano motif spartanly but superbly supports the vocal coils of what appears to be as much a meditation as a song. Possessing a faint hint of This Mortal Coil at … [Read more...]

Delta Deep – “Down In The Delta”

Delta Deep - Delta Deep

Phil Collen, lead guitarist and back-up singer in Def Leppard, has long been an enthusiastic appreciator and proponent of the traditional blues genre and he’s launched a resoundingly successful attempt to resurrect the blues on his new project Delta Deep.  Phil has enlisted the aid of the talented artists Rob DeLeo (bassist in Stone Temple Pilots), … [Read more...]

Mission Of Burma – Vs. (reissue)

Mission Of Burma - Vs

Having redelivered Mission Of Burma’s debut 1981 mini-album Signals, Calls, And Marches as an expanded gourmet vinyl set to UK and European audiences for this year’s Record Store Day, Fire Records now also returns to print the on/off/on Boston band’s first full-length album from 1982 - Vs. -  for the same record-buying territories (at the same time … [Read more...]

Jane Weaver – The Silver Globe


With so much music swirling around in obvious and less obvious places, inevitably there are some extremely good records that aren't getting heard as they should, albums that are known to only to industry insiders, devoted fans and those fortunate enough to have found them by chance. One favourite album of my own, Abby GoGo's eponynous 2010 album … [Read more...]

Michael Cullen – True Believer

Michael Cullen - True Believer

Sydney, Australia-based singer-songwriter Michael Cullen is back with his sophomore effort, True Believer, which was released late last year.  The album was crafted by Michael with assistance from timEbandit (sic) Powles (AKA Tim Powles of The Church).  Michael’s distinctive baritone vocals resonate over the nine tracks of True Believer, calling to … [Read more...]