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Slutever – Almost Famous


The question I mull over while listening to Slutever’s latest release, Almost Famous, is this: how is it possible for music to be so snotty, and yet so gorgeous? I always have this reaction to Slutever. They’re bratty and raw. There’s plenty of crunchy, fuzzy guitar. Yet at the same time, the reverb-soaked feedback that hangs over every track … [Read more...]

Maud The Moth – The Inner Wastelands


One glance at the CD sleeve of The Inner Wastelands, the second album from this Spanish-born musician, could lead the viewer to expect all manner of strangeness contained within. Certainly, its title seems to belong to a quite different record than the poised, musically complex and less quirky than you might expect album that it is. Which isn't to … [Read more...]

Colleen – Captain Of None

Colleen - Captain Of None

Having made such an assured step forward with 2013’s The Weighing Of The Heart on Second Language, it was perhaps inevitable that a larger and more globally-reaching label such as Thrill Jockey would sign up Cécile Schott (AKA Colleen) for this sequel set.  Paradoxically, despite such a leg-up, Captain Of None is a far more elusive affair.  Whereas … [Read more...]

P60 – Models

P60 - Models

With a few notable exceptions, past releases on the hive-minded Second Language label have tended to veer towards the bucolic side of psychogeographical exploration.  Yet whilst this has served us well over the last six or so years, 2015’s planned spread of wares promises to push more urban and electronically-inclined artists to the fore.  If this … [Read more...]

Quaaludes – s/t


Quaaludes are an all-girl punk act whose spiritual roots reach back past Bikini Kill all the way to The X-Ray Spex. Loud, melodic, and prone to infectious hissy-fits, they won my heart the very first time I saw them play live. It was at 924 Gilman, with about twelve other people, none of whom were as enthused as I about their set. I was almost in … [Read more...]

Short Takes on 4 Songs


Nick de la Hoyde – “The Longest Way” Nick de la Hoyde is a fresh self-starter from Sydney, Australia who’s breaking into the hip-pop world with the sleek, engaging song-rap “The Longest Way”.  Before him music career blasted off, Nick lived for four years in Barcelona, Spain training to become a soccer player.  As a way to vent his frustrations … [Read more...]

FIGHTCAST – Siamesian

FIGHTCAST - Siamesian

Metal fan? Try "The Good Tyrant," the tenth track on Siamesian. The riffs on this song are mature, the leads are shameless, the vocals don't grate, and the rhythm punches. I think this is the best offering on FIGHTCAST's new full-length. Sadly, most of the album only sounds half as good. On Siamesian, this inconsistent Italian band often … [Read more...]

Ghost Bath – Moonlover

Ghost Bath - Moonlover

North Dakota's Ghost Bath are certainly one of the more intriguing bands around today.  Their unique take on black metal is unlike anything you have heard.  Moonlover is their second full length on Northern Silence and is easily one of the most anticipated releases this year. If you are already acclimated with Ghost Bath's previous release, … [Read more...]

Port Erin – Floating Above The City


After a year or two honing their sound and musicianship on the live circuit since 2012's Wheel Inside A Wheel, west of England festival regulars Port Erin are presenting us now with an accomplished and tightly-performed third album. Whilst the band themselves quote influences such as Talking Heads, XTC, Frank Zappa and Miles Davis, they have … [Read more...]

The Great Pop Supplement 7″ x 3 (Snails, Mike & Cara Gangloff and The Hanging Stars)

Snails “Talking to Anthony” b/w “Winter Hearts”

Whilst vinyl-only label entrepreneur Dom Martin’s primary focus has shifted somewhat of late to his trailblazing Krautrock-driven Deep Distance imprint (as exemplified by three terrific 10” EPs recently reviewed on these very pages), the fires of parent/elder sibling label - The Great Pop Supplement of course - are still being stoked for when the … [Read more...]