Deerful – Peach

Courtesy of the ever excellent Where It’s At Is Where You Are imprint comes Peach, the debut album from Deerful (AKA Emma Winston). Having begun songwriting a mere two years ago, this album - following on from a clutch of intriguing singles and EPs - demonstrates that Winston, once stirred, gets seriously into the job. Moreover, Peach definitely … [Read more...]

Jordan Okrend – “Dance By the Riverside”

Asheville, North Carolina–based singer-songwriter Jordan Okrend goes by the moniker The Jordan Okrend Experience for his new album, Dance By The Riverside, which came out just last week. Okrend released his debut EP, Unpredictable, in 2010, and followed it up in 2012 with the Rising Up EP and a third EP, World Keeps Turnin’ in 2015.  He has been … [Read more...]

Afterlife Revival – “Rich In Love”

Portland, Oregon-based singer-songwriter Evan B. Harris records under the music project moniker Afterlife Revival and like the second part of the name implies, the richness of the Americana and country genres runs through Harris’ veins. Harris is not only a musician, but an artisan as well who creates original illustrations and paintings.  … [Read more...]

Vic Mars – The Consumer Programme

Having happily come to our attention previously via The Land And The Garden LP in 2015, courtesy of the cherishable hands at Clay Pipe Music, Vic Mars now finds himself on the equally endearing Polytechnic Youth imprint for another marriage made in micro-label heaven.  Although such a switch shouldn’t matter much, it’s a move that’s entirely … [Read more...]

Can – The Singles

Whilst 2012’s bounteous previously unreleased rarities-laden boxset, The Lost Tapes, gave the impression of being the last word on Can archive-raiding projects, there have remained a few loose-ends for those needing everything in the band’s recorded oeuvre neatly in print.  Although the group’s BBC sessions and more top-quality live recordings … [Read more...]

Jerad Finck – “New Kids”

Some of the best younger performers emerge from obscurity seemingly fully formed and brimming with possibility for more. Jerad Finck is one of those performers. His latest single “New Kids” consolidates the core success he’s experienced thus far thanks to an exponential growth in his songwriting powers. He has emerged as one of the major music … [Read more...]

Eli Raybon – “30 Cents”

‘80s New Wave revivalist Eli Raybon is at the tail end of his teens but he’s already producing top-notch pop music and will release his latest EP Green on June 23rd.  Raybon has been praised by illustrious outlets like Vice and Paste and has also been featured at Buzzbands LA and Balcony TV. Musicians comprise a big part of Raybon’s family, … [Read more...]

Port Erin – Ocean Grey

My second or third listen to Ocean Grey and I still can't entirely grasp what has motivated Port Erin to make an album as unpredictable and spectacular as their second full length is. The trio of brothers Reuben and Jacob Tyghe and drummer Cerys Brockelhurst are joined by the saxophone and trumpet of Simon Williams and Pete Judge. If you were … [Read more...]

Excommunion – Thronosis

A controlled malevolence stirs in Thronosis, this successful mini-album from Excommunion. This American three-piece band plays death metal laced with hairs of thrash and black metal. The songs are not just double-bass drumming with a couple of guitar players firing on the low string. The tempo changes patiently, the root varies, and scale notes put … [Read more...]

Listening Center – Example One (reissue)

Originally released on cassette via the This Is Care Of label way back in 2012 and subsequently only available as a download via Bandcamp, London's intrepid Polytechnic Youth imprint now belatedly issues Listening Center’s debut long-player on vinyl for the very first time.  More than just a discography-tidying-up exercise, this carefully curated … [Read more...]