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H/\N/\H Debuts ‘Out Of Touch’


HɅNɅH’s debut single, "Out of Touch" presents a lush and exotic layering of musical genres, weaving elements of soul, electronic, and indie sensibility into a into a fresh, ethereal sound which transports the listener into a dreamy, rhythmic realm. The Brooklyn based vocalist infuses her music with palpable soul, and mesmerizing soundscapes.  Keep … [Read more...]

New Single from UK space-rock sextet Ex Comets in September


Ex Comets is a brand new band made up of six lost cosmonauts from Leicester, via Groom Lake.  Think a Grandaddy, Pixies, and Fugazi super-group playing live in spacesuits on Paradise Ranch and you're  somewhere in the right solar system.  This October the band will be making its live debut playing shows with Amazing Snakeheads, Joanna Gruesome, and … [Read more...]

Mia Doi Todd to release her 10th Album in September

Mia Doi Todd's latest offering, Floresta - her 10th album --  grew from a seed.  It was Brazilian music!  So many forests grew, and flowers bloomed, and humankind lived and loved and despaired. In March of 2014, Los Angeles singer-songwriter Mia Doi Todd spent ten days at the beautiful Estúdio El Rocha in São Paulo, Brazil and recorded an album of … [Read more...]

Athens Intensified Music Fest September 11, 12, 13, & 20

The 2014 Athens Intensified will take place September 11, 12, 13, & 20 in beautiful downtown Athens, Georgia. Now in its third year, the festival is undertaking its most ambitious lineup yet. It has expanded from two nights in a single venue to four nights across two weekends in five venues. This year’s headliners are Atlanta’s forceful and … [Read more...]

Sun Glitters releases Fading Days EP

sun glitters

Sun Glitters return with the four-track EP, Fading Days. "Tell Me, Why You" starts things off with pulsating synths and pitch-shifted vocals working together to create a dream-like haze. "I Tear You Apart" uses side-chain interplay between kick, snare and bass to throw an off-kilter stop-and-go motion against a pitched vocal that is both sweet and … [Read more...]

Synthetic ID Release new 7″


Droves of new bands have adopted the post-punk sound, but few bundle its maladjusted spirit, tension and deft use of negative space like San Francisco quartet Synthetic ID. Eschewing atmospherics and moody dawdling, Synthetic ID is an assertive and fiercely present ensemble. Jake Dudley's sinuous and trebly guitar riffs are the severe musical … [Read more...]

After 13 years The Verve Pipe returns with rock album


The Verve Pipe returns after a 13 year absence with the newly released album Overboard.  The album was self-produced on the band's LMNO Pop label and The Verve Pipe brings a renewed energy and focus which has resulted in the band’s most inspired writing and recording to date. The album's first single, “Crash Landing”, hits with soulful lyrics … [Read more...]

Dead Native announce new album

dead native

Dead Native is a band constantly searching. Formed in early 2012, this four-piece has since been on a manic pace, navigating rock's various soundscapes and beating their way through Chicago’s basements and clubs, ever-evolving their brand of chaotic bliss. With their latest, self-titled release, the quartet of Zach Fox, Blake Jennings, Pete … [Read more...]

TAPES shares “Waiting”


TAPES was conceived as a creative release from the monotony of daily life. In 2011, the mysterious producer left his hometown of Knoxville for an internship opportunity in San Francisco. In the following summer, he fell off the grid to write expansive, blissed-out soundscapes that stimulated his TAPES project. The sound of TAPES is elusive and … [Read more...]

Casket Girls announce tour, ‘Secular Love’ remix

casket girls

 Listen: "Secular Love" Strange Majik Remix via Earbuddy or SoundCloud  Listen  : "Secular Love" via SoundCloud The Casket Girls have announced a summer tour in support of their critically acclaimed sophomore album True Love Kills The Fairy Tale available now on CD, LP and cassette on Graveface Records. The tour will kick off on July 28 in … [Read more...]