Upcoming album from Sidewave


L.A.-based space-rock/noise-rock band Sidewave infuses its upcoming 12-track opus, Glass Giant, with the massive, distorted wall-of-guitars sound that made waves with bands like Swervedriver, Smashing Pumpkins, Hum, and Failure.  The stormy sonics are soothed by calmer, lighter male vocals and this balance allows Sidewave to explore enticing sounds … [Read more...]

Fresh LP from Ted Z and the Wranglers

Ted Z and the Wranglers live

Ted Z and the Wranglers, of Southern California, deliver outlaw country-charged rock. Ted's catchy story-songs are fully-realized tales of love, regret, getting older, and getting in trouble. The band stirs up its Americana influences, featuring quick picking and bluesy slide guitar over galloping train beats and swinging shuffles.  In the span of … [Read more...]

New EP from artist d.oh


d.oh is the musical moniker of one Daniel Oh, a Canadian, rock, blues, jazz, and pop-influenced electronic artist who created his hybrid sound when he was experimenting with music in his bedroom. Between and during classes at the University of Toronto, Daniel has been fervently pursuing his true passion - music.  His new, self-deprecatingly titled … [Read more...]

New LP from In Gowan Ring

In Gowan Ring - Photo Credit Sven Rohloff

B'ee is a leading figure in psychedelic folk, who has recorded under the pseudonyms In Gowan Ring and Birch Book since the mid-90s. The Serpent and the Dove is his 8th album. It is also In Gowan Ring's 5th album after a 13-year hiatus. A modern-day troubadour, B'ee makes his own instruments, travels the world and brings back a myriad of musical … [Read more...]

Debut album from Starlight Girls

Starlight Girls

There’s something about Halloween season that fits this six-piece Bushwick band’s siren allure and gothic-tinged theatricality. Their poetic lyrics are inspiring, channeled by a unique energy-driven mix of surf, pop, and noise with a bit of metal for good measure. Founder and lead singer Christina B played keyboards and sang as part of her … [Read more...]

Yassou releases 5 video-only songs


  It's been argued that we see music more than we hear music; a phenomenon that began with "Girls On Film" and grows with every viral, visual interpretation that corresponds to an artist's output. Fully submersing themselves in this ideology, Yassou has taken the opportunity to do what bands and solo artists should have started doing years … [Read more...]

New LP from Hawaiian Slack guitarist Stephen Inglis

Stephen Inglis

Grammy-nominated, Honolulu-based,  Hawaiian Slack key guitarist Stephen Inglis has a recent album out now titled Learning You By Heart and it's a a deeply emotional masterwork. This latest effort is reminiscent of the Grateful Dead (whose drummer he started a band with) or even the legendary Townes Van Zandt. The power of Inglis's music is … [Read more...]

New Electric Parlor album

Electric Parlor - Photo Credit: Elvis Espinoza/InTransitRadio

Los Angeles-based rock 'n' roll band ELECTRIC PARLOR (Monique Alvarez - vocals, Kris Farr - guitars, Josh Fell - bass, and Zachary Huling - drums) takes pride in creating music that has an honest, raw, and live feel to it that's relatable to music fans all over the world.  The band members are inspired by the past and the lessons they have learned … [Read more...]

New EP from Five Hundredth Year

Five Hundredth Year

Five Hundredth Year, the Fenton, MI-located hard rock/progressive metal band, released 7-track A Rose From Ashes EP earlier this summer.   Reminiscent of modern giants like Five Finger Death Punch and Breaking Benjamin, but with the addition of tasteful female vocals and synth-work and keyboards, the band members (John – lead vocals, Ben –lead … [Read more...]

New 7″ from Red Sleeping Beauty


All hail the return of the legendary Swedish pop group Red Sleeping Beauty with a spectacular comeback 7" single "Always" b/w "Breaking Up Is Easy" -  their first release in 15 years!  The single will be available world-wide Sept 11th on limited white vinyl and digital formats. Red Sleeping Beauty formed in Stockholm in 1989 by singer Kristina … [Read more...]