New EP from Steve Benjamins

Down-tempo singer-songwriter has recently released his EP, Sightlines, his third recording in just over two years.  The Toronto-based musician plays almost all of the instruments on the album (piano, guitar, synths, drums, bass) and is the sole songwriter.  There is a gentle ebb and flow to his songs and a warm, understated appeal. Check out the … [Read more...]

Upcoming Album from Sarah Dashew

In less than ten years, Sarah Dashew has managed three critically-praised albums, successful tours, television spots, and a new full-length, establishing her as one of the music industry’s most consistent singer-songwriters. On Sarah Dashew’s latest full length, Roll Like a Wheel, one can hear her whole musical history: Texas tejano, … [Read more...]

New Elessar Thiessen LP

Winnipeg, Canada-located musician/singer-songwriter Elessar Thiessen combines rock, alt-pop, soul, and blues into his songs.  He's previously released two albums and this year he's bowed A Rainy Week in Paradise, which is full of introspective and vivid lyrics and supported by guitar, drums, percussion, and occasionally additional vocals, piano, … [Read more...]

New album from Rob Williams

Roots rock and Americana singer-songwriter Rob Williams returns December 14th with his 2nd album, titled Southern FM, which was recorded in Dallas, TX with producer Salim Nourallah, whose production credits include alt-country favorites Rhett Miller and Old 97’s.  The result is an alt-Americana album that blends traditional and contemporary styles … [Read more...]

New Jas Patrick album

Nashville-located blues-Americana singer-songwriter Jas Patrick is not only a music artist, but owner of his own record label, Tiny Lion Records, which he runs with his wife.  He's been on the road and in the music field since he was a teen and he delivers an earthy, raw blues-rock with his music.  Jas's latest album, Inky Ovine, incoporates … [Read more...]

New video from SO

SO, otherwise known as Standing Ovation, is a funk-pop duo from California and Virginia that produces fun, upbeat songs with trenchant lyrics on recent EP Echo Park out on Candlewax Records. Check out the official video for "Freaky" below: Facebook … [Read more...]

New single and video from Iglomat

Following their acclaimed composition for Walid Salhab’s short The Kelpies, transatlantic post-rockists Iglomat are back with "Jen 68", a melancholic ode to being young, free and out there. As ever with the Iglomat crew, the track is a product of late nights and early mornings, heavy file transfers and even heavier Skype jams. While some … [Read more...]

New KEEZ album

KEEZ, AKA Brad Jones hails from Oregon and mixes up an upbeat to contemplative blend of funky dance-pop and R&B-inflected pop and perceptive lyrics on his recently released album titled Water Creatures.  KEEZ is not only a singer-songwriter and musician, but a producer as well and he's segued from producing other artists' material to focusing … [Read more...]

Fresh album from Joel Ansett

Denver, Colorado (by way of Spokane, Washington) -based singer-songwriter Joel Ansett blends the folk, pop, and R&B genres into a sweet mix that's topped off by his insightful lyrics.  His album, The Nature of Us, is scheduled for release on November 23rd and it's a joyful and reflective 12-track platter that delves into folk-pop and smooth … [Read more...]

Debut album from Opium Denn

The mysteriously monikered Opium Denn produces atmospheric alt-rock music and he's released a debut concept album titled Demarkation that interlinks a run of songs created with the mood-altering HEV (Health-Science Enhanced Vibrations).  He is also bowing 9 consecutive music videos, one for each of the album's songs, and "I Am A Feeling 1" kicks it … [Read more...]