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Profile: Frank has been imprisoned by the Man for the past six years at a low-security corporate facility. Through their liberal furlough program he has been able to start a family. "Doing it for the kids" has a whole new meaning for this proud Papa who's trying to do his part to keep the musical world safe for the next generation. This time it's personal. Before his disappearance from "the Scene" in the mid-90s, Frank was a luminary in the greater New Brunswick, NJ, area. This musical Renaissance man did everything from forming such bands as Duochrome, Frito Lay, and kiaro skuro, to running Well Primed Records, having a radio show, and doing various musical writings. Through good behavior and community service programs, like the DOA outreach program, Frank might be a free man soon.

What's on my iPod (if I had an iPod):
• The Shins - "Turn a Square"
• Pinback - "Hurley" (live)
• Gary & the Hornets - "Patty Girl"
• The Flaming Lips - "Do You Realize??"
• Perry & Kingsley - "One Note Samba - Spanish Fly"

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