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I am usually covered in bruises because I tend to walk into things without noticing. I shop at thrift stores. I'm a 5'2" vegan girl with a cool first name. I've got bits of surgical steel in my face and black ink strategically placed about my person. I like my coffee black, just like my metal. Some music I like, via the alphabet: Blast, Bob Dylan, Buzzcocks, cali≠gari, The Clash, Curve, D, Danzig, deadman, De stijllia, ドレミ團, emmuree, Fugazi, Flogging Molly, Gogol Bordello, GWAR, I am X, 人格ラヂオ, Malice Mizer, メリー, メトロノーム, Mindless Self Indulgence, Minor Threat, The Misfits, Moi dix Mois, ムック, muse, Opeth, Plastic Tree, The Police, P∽L, Radiohead, The Ramones, Rancid, The Residents, Shiver, The Talking Heads, Tiger Army, Tocotronic, ヴィドール

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